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  1. is it working? how is it with lg?
  2. it's ok! hope they fix this as soon as possible! thanks for the fast reply, never saw that from a scripter owner
  3. hello, i've been using this script for over a week and today it started to do something strange. After some time running the bot (~30min) it opens the bank, try to withdraw the ore and it just sit there trying to withdraw the ore but never withdraw it. edit: i do not know how to make a spoiler sorry edit 2: just found spoiler sorry
  4. Is it working? And does it support the hunter area for elite western provinces? Thanks.
  5. Can someone help me? Today I started my client as usual and when I hit "Start Script" it says that i'm not a VIP and so I can't have 2 instances running at tthe same time and asks me to close the other one, but the thing is i'm do not have another instance open. what is happening ?
  6. how do I delete some existing equipment setting that i created? i have like 4 profiles created and i want to delete a few of them
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