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  1. Account manager isn't loading up any accounts for some reason
  2. udeme

    Scammed offsite

    This is not true at all. I told him the steps of the account trade. I said to him I will let him login and he can confirm the stats. And once I receive payment I will change the email to his. He then went on to change the email of my account without my knowledge the name and also put authenticator on it and kept asking me to log out I said to him to reverse whatever he has done or I won’t log out. He refused to and then said he will trade me the money and I will log out. on the trade screen he declined it he then forcefully told me to just log out. I blocked him and proceeded to recover the account.
  3. Bot wont open bank, clw portal that's all ive noticed for down, seems to have a problem clicking on objects.
  4. So they will be chainbanned unless I use proxies ?
  5. basically my router is dynamic and I created all 3 accounts on the same ip and changed my ip. If I bot one account on a new ip and then turn router off and on to get a new ip and bot on account #2 will they be linked ?
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