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  1. not working at all keeps telling me to "please enter valid number" i dont get why all the bots that ive paid for seem to never work and all the free ones do any tips?
  2. says "downloading tribot loader" when i attempt to open it and then nothing, its been in the same state for hours..?
  3. hmm so that's it? i just pay for this and its just broken and that's okay? are all gods scripts broken?
  4. sorry i couldn't log in last night; i tried reloading and everything its still not working, a couple of hours ago it ran for 18-ish minutes when i placed my stamina potions in the very top row of the bank whereas before they were on the 3rd row, anyways it ran for a short bit and then it stopped working again..
  5. I'm leaving the house as we speak got some stuff to do but ill do that as soon as i get back in a few hours and ill let you know, thanks.
  6. if I start without having the cosmics and the uncharged orbs in inventory it just instantly closes, if I start with the items already in inventory it walks all the way to obelisk, charges the 27 orbs, teleports back to edgeville, walks up to bank stall, deposits the charged orbs, and closes..
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