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  1. 120 in att and str so 60 att 70 str etc
  2. man i cba grinding for a d defender, is there any script that does this?
  3. 26m total fishing xp and now upto around 230m cassh made!
  4. hit 18m fishing xp and made 210m so far! thanks again @Einstein
  5. Mushrooms


    pretty safe script? i'll be using LG+
  6. Mushrooms


    is there any good hunter scripts? needing 60 hunter
  7. prefer not to sorry, but 17m fish xp all form minnows :D
  8. i wont say exactly my settins but ive made close to 160m now and 16m xp
  9. Mushrooms

    safely botting?

    premium scripts > free
  10. got 99 fishing on a minnow acc so not too bad atm
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