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  1. it also gets stuck with this sometimes when unnotting planks from servant. https://i.imgur.com/PF8BZYN.png
  2. excellent scripts, is there a chance you can add random actions every maybe 25 odd mins or randomized? might already be in the script so i could be derping lol
  3. nice series man, any good scripts you reccomend that have worked a charm for you?
  4. the sulliscep method is working great, if it could rebank for food that would be awesome
  5. using the sulliuscep method to try gain fossils on my obby mauler (61 hp). does this rebank for more food?
  6. is LG still down? been 2 days now..
  7. how the hell do you pass through arguments? im confused sorry
  8. When it tries to call servant , it someimtes gets stuck on the wall when trying to unnote the planks
  9. how good is this script? was thinking of buying the exNMZ but if this is free im wanting to see
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