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  1. im wanting to use a hos but can it use rune ouch to tele to house after using a mounted glory in their poh? currently its walking to fally bank.
  2. Mushrooms

    Chin hunting?

    Any good scripts for chin hunting? unbanned my old 99 hunter account.
  3. ok now im getting a bit annoyed. Seen it keeps withrawing earth talismans and then fails. can you please have a look? never had this script run for more than 2h without an issue and im on the verge for asking for a refund tbh. @warfront1
  4. @warfront1 keeps failing after like 2h saying "no fire tiara equipped" when i have one equipped and is running fine for 2h?
  5. is this worth doing if im 61 thieving? dunno whether to use blackjacking or Pyramid plunder
  6. It also keeps breaking after around 2 hours saying "please equip a fire tiara" when it already has one equipped?
  7. ah ok, im wanting to try ZMI but confused on setup etc, whats best to do for 62-77 rc? doing lavas atm but only getting like 24k xp/hr
  8. no steam battlestaff support? for magic imbue getting this issue when i have tome of fire and steam battlestaff equipped
  9. Mushrooms


    any chance for a vorkath script?
  10. ran mine for around 4h yesterday with no issues doing oak doors, do you have a bell pull?
  11. bought it anyway, using mythical cape rack but only getting like 100k xp an hour and is a bit slow (using LG)
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