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  1. New to this. Does this still work or is an update required? Also, can anyone let me know if they have gotten banned/ban rate for them? Thanks!
  2. I need a buying script that purchases items from a store, hops, and repeats. Is there a script out there and if not, would anyone be willing to create one in exchange for some gold? It doesn't seem like a difficult script to do for someone experienced. Thanks!
  3. Is RuneLite or OSBUDDY against their rules?
  4. But if I get banned, wouldn't they be able to link it to my non-botted account and possibly ban me?
  5. So would you say, from your experience or belief, buying/selling from general stores is a low ban rate?
  6. I haven't botten for years. I remember Powerbot being the best site to do so at that time so I am new to Tribot. Unfortunately, there seems to be a higher ban rate so I am trying to be very cautious of that. Here are a few questions I have and hope someone could help me answer them. Btw, yes, I have checked the botting guides but for the most part, I am not sure if they are outdated or new info may have arisen since then.: 1) Is there a script to purchase items from a store, hop, and repeat? And what are the odds that something like this can be banned for botting? It seems rather difficult to detect something like this. Also, how do people who "goldfarm" transfer their gold to their mule accounts safely? 2) Are proxies+VIP necessary to fund some "goldfarming" bots? By that, I don't plan on selling the gold but I want to be able to run at least 5-10 bots if needed. If proxies+VIP are needed, is there anything else that you guys would recommend in terms of efficient and safe botting? Thank you. I will add some more questions as I learn more about this.
  7. I used to bot Runescape to fund my pures and managed to get around 15 99's from botting. I would bot 20+ hours at times and they wouldn't be banned. I quit after EOC and thought about playing OSRS (if I could bot a new pure) Judging by a few posts and the general botting community, Jagex has taken botting much more serious these days. I just have a few questions: 1) Is suicide botting no longer a thing? 2) Does Jagex ban via IP? 3) Which is the best script to train combat (strength, range)? 4) Would any of you guys be able to link me a guide to botting? Thanks. Crazy that years ago, Jagex let bots run wild and now people are actually getting IP banned for botting.
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