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  1. kylezell

    BUYING VIP extended

    It keeps saying I need to verify my email address and I already have 2 paypal accounts with two different emails verified.
  2. kylezell

    proxy question

    Solution: port is 1080
  3. kylezell

    proxy question

  4. kylezell

    Absent for past 6 months

    Hey guys i Left the TriBot Community because i was on tilt from so many bans but I'm back and i'm Here to stay! If there were any major updates or any new interesting things let me know . Happy botting
  5. kylezell

    [Tutorial/Snippet] DTimer

  6. kylezell

    Is it worth frying my pc for looking glass?

    Lmao I feel bad for my pc also
  7. kylezell

    [SCRIPT] Ghandi Onions

    I've spent three days searching online for this. tysm
  8. kylezell

    [P] Muling Script

    WIll pay more than him ^
  9. kylezell

    Mastermind Group Invite

    I currently work with many nice people and i even sell gold to a high level clan so idk what your talking about. Im proud of you if you made that much but we all know your full of shit thanks for the support - bump
  10. kylezell

    Mastermind Group Invite

    Love the feedback everyone <3 P.s. Entry level questions were asked to find genuine nice people that would help me that i would invite to the group. Its okay to be jealous of me and my measly 40m a day that you think means anything to me ( i started my farm under 2 weeks ago ). Currently I have 2 members + 1 scripter for the group. I have much experience and much data and most importantly i know for a fact that i know things you guys dont that reduces ban rate. Like i know that i know things all of you dont know so im not really concerned about your feedback if its negative. im just looking for nice people willing to grow.
  11. kylezell

    Mastermind Group Invite

    lmao im not even going to respond. Its a figure of speech i have never gotten my entire farm banned but thanks for the luck although when your as skillful as me i dont really need luck. SO good-luck yourself and don't be ignorant.
  12. kylezell

    Are you a knowledgeable botter?

    Im looking for people who are genuinely nice people that's why i made the post and i had anger behind that post because he was supporting a guy who wasted hours of my time.
  13. do not buy/use insta ban