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  1. Jagex expanding that anit-botting
  2. o0stacey0o


    Yep. As long as it's getting kills. Grindscape.
  3. I was actually thinking about this eariler, might be better to mine the actual runite rocks unless your like 99 mining
  4. Nice, that's not too bad of profit
  5. Tyrannical ring (i) would help I believe (1000? ring of recoils)
  6. Getting those chicken nuggets lol
  7. Nice bro, that's a lot of people
  8. Yeah on the bottom of the purchase page you can upgrade.
  9. What do you get from finishing the Event? I Haven't been there yet so don't know anything about it.
  10. Yes scripts have been working since update @OSAccBooster
  11. I can't change the tile im on when i start, even when i put refresh it uses the tile i used at goblins, i go to click check NPCS and all its saying is around is goblins when infact there is no goblins about, it dont notice the NPC actually near me. clearly im missing something here.
  12. @erickho123 Im far from up to date LMAO!!! i have never ever done NMZ and was seeing a couple peoples Sigs Purely Hosting and they had mad profit using your Script, So i was like i want to jump on that band wagon also !!! I guess i should of done a bit more research
  13. Yup would help:) [email protected] Looking to host Guthans x
  14. Looking for someone to make me a couple NMZ accounts , please let PM with a price and duration will take Thanks Edit - MTD Host Accounts
  15. @Usa, was using the script on cows and goblins in lumbridge past few day was all good, but since the update *Today* i wont find NPC, it finds Giant Spider and Rat but wont find COW or GOBLINS .Probably something small to do with the Update,
  16. @Monqan Yes due to the weekly update most scripts are down.
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