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  1. Yeah on the bottom of the purchase page you can upgrade.
  2. o0stacey0o

    Jazed Halloween Solver

    What do you get from finishing the Event? I Haven't been there yet so don't know anything about it.
  3. Yes scripts have been working since update @OSAccBooster
  4. I can't change the tile im on when i start, even when i put refresh it uses the tile i used at goblins, i go to click check NPCS and all its saying is around is goblins when infact there is no goblins about, it dont notice the NPC actually near me. clearly im missing something here.
  5. @Usa, was using the script on cows and goblins in lumbridge past few day was all good, but since the update *Today* i wont find NPC, it finds Giant Spider and Rat but wont find COW or GOBLINS .Probably something small to do with the Update,
  6. o0stacey0o

    Scripts down?

    @Monqan Yes due to the weekly update most scripts are down.
  7. o0stacey0o

    Jazed Fishing Trawler official full release

    it just clicked withdraw all from the fish net even if you got a full load of fish from prior trip, it never notes it currently
  8. o0stacey0o

    Jazed Fishing Trawler official full release

    @Jazed just ran the bot for 2 trips and it withdraws the fish from the net but they just end up on the floor then just walks back to the boat for next trip..?
  9. @Usa, i have used this the a few hours ago to make 6 accounts, and everything went smooth as butter Great job
  10. @TacoManStan I Have a slow computer yes and thats what i have been trying on but also i have a vps and it did the same thing ...
  11. @TacoManStan , Yes mate i had that already Ticked from the options in the top left, @ITryNotToTroll , yes my items are red currently, but since i cut my list to only 4 items it seems to work even tho still Red, Is there a maximum amount of items you can have in the list ?
  12. @TacoManStan Yes im using Looking Glass, Is that where im going wrong? I have just shorted my list to 4 items and now it seems to be buying and selling now,,, Is it because my list is to big it sat there idling ?