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  1. so my post will be ignored or what?
  2. I dont know why this is happening cuz i used to resell credits from buying at paypal. Check my feedback....
  3. @simon010 I have a new skype bud "Burntish" pm me on there I will fix it within 5 mins
  4. Is your swap done yet? :)

    1. Arctic


      If so, please post the vouch :)

    2. burntish


      Done bud thanks!

    3. Arctic
  5. Its me on skype "BurntishSwap"
  6. Isn't level 2 a little too much? I feel like that is a big accident waiting to happen. If anyone hacks Trilez account, the hacker can literally take all credit card info.
  7. Added you on skype bud, would like to grab some of your 07
  8. This couldn't be put any better @Bogla. I noticed this myself and was very shocked that this has been allowed to happen for this long. If any mod has a business open in any section it will always be pinned to the top which is completely unfair. And giving the excuse that they deserve it because they got moderator status is a very childish argument as they already get a big advantage over other vendors because they can put their status in the thread titles. I think they are completely entitled to be able to put their status in the thread titles and get an advantage that way but having their threads pinned to the top forever is very unfair to the rest of the people here trying to build a customer base.
  9. Haven't received your request on skype either bud please check spelling
  10. I didnt get your request on skype bud, make sure you added "BurntishSwap"