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  1. any idea why it keeps doing this sometimes. I got the 2 instance for month and im running one account.
  2. oh thanks! takes me like 20mins to complete tut island tho am i doing something wrong? the chat talkings seems really slow
  3. hey the settings saving only works for the account list thing it doesnt seem to save the type of captcha key and tutorial completion settings
  4. doesnt seem to work when email domains contains + it does a ! instead
  5. hey does this script support port sarim depo box when fishing at karamja
  6. got it working with ur centos installer thingy tyvm friend!
  7. if u add that hop back to the world it came from ill buy the script rn
  8. oh yea now it works. would it be possible to make the bot hop back to the world it was in when hopping to mule. because if they all stay in same world as mule its gonna make the spot too crowded. also would it be possible to reduce the amount of custom tiles when making the custom location. so i could chop just 1 tree
  9. hey now this happens it keeps adding the mule to friendlist for unlimited time and is stuck there
  10. same problem with muling. gets stuck with the world hopper open. at lumby bank.
  11. stuck here just hovering the world the mule is in. it hops to the world but never attempts to trade the mule just stuck like this when getting supplies from mule. edit: do i have to run the mule script on the mule account in order to it work? i was on mule with normal rs client edit 2: i tested running mule with the mule script but the woodcutter still just keeps clicking on the world even tho its in the correct world. tested ur mining script and it has the same issue.
  12. i cant get the client started on centos 6.9 and java 1.8.0 jre it starts the login screen when i login it gives some red code in the loader and shuts it down without starting the osrs client
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