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  1. Whenever I try to start the script clicking on "Start Script" button I get this message: "Please enter a valid number.". What could be the cause? I have tried the "Reset to defaults" button, but it still happens. EDIT: after restarting Tribot several times it doesn't happen anymore, so I guess it's solved.
  2. thanks for the help! I care about hwid because in some other games I have botted they register your hwid, so using say 7 bots that share hwid, and just 1 of the bots got banned, the devs would then check all game accounts related with that hwid and thus would ban all 7 bots. Maybe Jagex haven't figured out how to do that yet (which would seem a little odd imo considering how much experience they have had with hunting bots over the years).
  3. vps sounds like a very good idea. Im just wondering if using for example 7 bots on one of their vps servers will make these 7 bots share that servers hwid? do you know if this is the case? If the vps DOES give each bot client independent/unique hwid's it would be amazing. Do you know this just from the top of your head? Do you also know if they happen to support running other software on their servers (for example do they allow you to run macro recorders, or do they only allow pre-approved programs (like tribot etc) to be used?)
  4. Thank you. What happens if there is a temporary downtime on the proxy; will runescape/tribot just disconnect? or will it continue using the actual ip on the system, thus exposing it to jagex?
  5. Is it possible to assign a different proxy for each client? if so how would I do that? Thanks.
  6. I have installed java jdk 8 181, but when I start TriBot there is no jdk to choose in the list of installed java, only jre are available. What could be the reason it cant see any jdk? What should I do to try and fix this? I have restarted, uninstalled the jdk and installed it again. But it makes no difference, tribot wont let me choose a jdk?
  7. I have a computer which have a height resolution that is just a little bit too low to make the settings window fit (1366x768) . This means the setting for disabling/enabling firewall sits in the bottom of the window just below the bottom edge of the screen. The resolution is at max for that pc so I cant make it bigger. This resolution is fine for all other purposes with TriBot and Runescape, its just that single firewall setting that cannot be accessed in the settings window because it is off screen. Is there a way to modify settings through a configuration file instead?
  8. Im sorry, I was just feeling very enthusiastic about your script, mainly because I am very anti-ban focused myself in all the games I bot and I can see that you have this as a main focus also. I just want this to work as best as possible. I will try to be a little less active in your thread in the future. Thank you for answering my questions.
  9. I am doubtful that this the cause. I have a sub with the script that allows 50 instances, so even if a few extra is still registered as active it doesn't matter until you hit the max, which in my case is 50. I just test with starting 3 script instances in the SAME TriBot on ONE vm. There is no issue here, all three play fine. However obviously they are now logged in with the same ip, which is bad flag to put on my botting accounts. This is really risky and ban inviting. So it seems that TriBot and/or the script does not allow the bot to be run concurrently with the same script on multiple machines this destroys my whole idea; I never expected that this would be an issue. Is this a bug or is it intended??
  10. Maybe it's a problem with the script im using? (Einsteins fisher)? The closedown of TriBot happens when the third instance of Einsteins fisher logs into the game. I have his largest sub that should support 50 instances. so why does it close down a Tribot instance when I start the third script instance?
  11. Hey, sorry for all the questions, but I have run into an issue, that Im not sure whether has anything to do with your script. When I have started more than two of your scripts (two tribot instances, one on each of two virtual machines) and it logs into to runescape + with your script on a third TriBot instance on a third virtual macine, then instance number one or two of the TriBot clients will close down immediatly without error messages. Does your script have any kind of security functionality that will close down TriBot it it registers usage of the script on more that the license is authenticated to? I have your 3rd tier for 20$, the one that should give 50 auths, so I thought I would be okay with running up to 50 virtual machines logged into a TriBot + your script on each of these 50 vm's? Right now it seems like I can only be logged into 2 at a time. Trying to use the script on a third seems to cause a immediate closedown on the first or second, or both.
  12. I have several vm's that I want to run TriBot in. However when I startup the 3rd TriBot in the 3rd vm then TriBot in either vm 1, vm 2 or both vm 1 and vm 2, closes (appears like an instant crash to desktop, no error messages, its just gone). It seems like TriBot is closing itself down when it notices that I have logged in to a 3rd device with the same account information. However since there is no errors or pop up dialogues to tell me what happens I am left in the dark about the cause. Can someone help me out here? Am I limited to 2 devices per TriBot license? I should also mention that I run a VPN in each of these vm's so there's a different Ip adresse for each (different countries too). Not sure if this would affect anything also?
  13. I found a few bugs at the Lumbridge fishing spot: 1. There is a fishing tutor sitting in front of a fishing spot. That fishing spot is unreachable because of that fishing tutor, but the script will make it try to fish in it making it essentially go stuck because it cant get to it. 2. the fishing spot right next to the above mentioned oftem causes an issue where the bot will go to it and just as it begins fishing it, bot will then go to "walking to fishing area" and then back to the fishing spot again, and it will keep ping-ponging between this for a long time. It doesn't go this spot VERY often, but often enough to waste bot time and look suspicious when it happens. Going back and forth like that repeatedly for a long time looks really suspicious. I could make it get out of it by manually clicking on a location a little further to the south such that it would go to some of the fishing spots that are down south instead, which does not have this issue.
  14. "Enable Goldfarming settings" wasn't checked, I never checked it and didn't activate either "Get gold from mule" or "Trade fish to mule". I just loaded the saved ini I used and checked, which I didn't edit since, and these things are not enabled. Sounds like the script enabled the mule trading on itself for some reason, a bug of some sort? EDIT: just loaded up the script again on same account, it activated the going to mule function again. But these options are not activated, so somethings wrong here. I'll try making new settings from scratch and see how it goes. I can send you the ini file where this happens if you want to have a look at it? EDIT2: even after restarting the script and making new settings it still goes to "mule location" (at grand exchange) where it will try to trade with mule forever because there is no mule there. I don't understand why this is happening. Is there some configurations file I need to delete to make it reset completely? EDIT3: Ok I think I just got a little closer to figuring out what happens. I had set the progressive mode to catch all the fish tiers from shrimps to salmon for each level. I only had a net in my inventory, bu that should have been fine for shrimps and anchovies. But what happens is that it goes to the bank "going to get new tools" or something like that it says. Then at the bank it deposits the net, and says "buying new tools" then it switchtes to going to mule and begins its journey to the grand exchange. I still dont understand what it is trying to do exactly, but to fix it for now I just set it to catch shrimps and anchovies and have put the net in its inventory. Now the mule thing does not happen anymore.
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