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  1. any plan to add argument support? like "7qp" would auto start quests that go after pressing the 7qp button etc
  2. turbo_

    Cant buy vip

    scripts running well for me already but issue with vip page still on
  3. does anyone have problems with running this script? I can't seem to make it work since yesterday, it's stuck at this point: http://prntscr.com/mmjhi9 character just stands on top of "mountain" and doesn't use shovel to dig underground edit: after standing still for a while character teleported to CW and script ended: http://prntscr.com/mmjjr0
  4. just came back write update, ^this is what happening actually, sry @Netami for trouble
  5. yes it uses prayer and drinks pots for those that have "use prayer" unticked. my options are like this: first 3 brothers are not supposed to use prayer and then the other 3 should use it, but all 6 of them use prayer as I said before. I've noticed if I manually turn off prayer for first brother when character stars fighting it - then it's not using prayer until it reaches brother number 4 and starts using prayer as supposed to. EDIT: it uses prayer for first brothers, but doesn't drink potions - all good.
  6. ticks on the "use prayer" do nothing for me - I've selected to use prayer only for 3 brothers and it still uses for all 6 of them, could you check it out?
  7. Also sometimes gets stuck while offering the bones + can confirm unnoting on Phials doesn't work after teleporting back to town: http://prntscr.com/mcwlmi
  8. Good! We might see this get released in 2021 /s
  9. don't quote him, he will reply now 4 more times
  10. could you be more specific about "proxy type" you've mentioned? I guess you have datacenter IPs in mind, but OP said that he uses residential proxies - afaik these are the best quality proxies when compared to others.
  11. @Fluffee any news on when you will update the script? Bugs occur from time to time, I've reported few to you over discord last week.
  12. I have used TriCombat before for leveling up - had very little to no bans at all. At the moment using daxCombat because it's a little bit cheaper and suits my needs well.
  13. or maybe he's scammer/phisher and wants to get competitor scammers banned
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