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  1. hi does anyone know a f2p money making method with very low reqs and startup cash and low bans thanks
  2. would this be worth to bot black chins for a few hrs a day with some real life playing on a low 90s hunter lvl acc?
  3. how are the bans on this script, if used on an old account? also does it support barb fishing ? and powerfisihing where it drops the fish not banks?
  4. does it have a option, where it drops the iron to powermine essentially? also u think ill get banned if i use this script for a little bit on a oldish acc and my acc has like other stats so it doesnt look like a bot
  5. ban rate on this? if used for a few hrs.. on a oldish account?
  6. cmdking

    Why I left.

    lol u couldnt give 2 fucks could u?
  7. I had similar situation. I had bought 2 proxies 2 different accounts, and got banned after 1 day and the bots got banned same time, which is mind blowing. Since they were both on different ips and weren't flagged since they were a proxy.
  8. ive got a few questions: what reqs u need to do this- whats the ban rate like- thank u
  9. u can buy through ur credit card no verify but for paypal ur paypal acc must be verify and your paypal email linked to ur tribot account and that also verifed. off my knowledge thank u
  10. this happen to me also i think your paypal need to be verified otherwise cant buy credits from shop
  11. na i think its because of new update lg bugging thats what my scripter said
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