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  1. Im botting on F2P and im getting banned, not suspect stolen. Disabled and banned is same.
  2. Hello people. I have a question what time you botting accs? From 1 week ago I got like 60 accs disabled, its insane. It also doesnt seems like scripts, because all of them I was using before and wasnt any problems. Now after some of scripts getting disabled, it feels like or mods are catching me or they have new system. Each accs have each IP proxy and im sure IP are not flagged. Any ideas?? Most of time all accs get banned same time
  3. I did reinstall windows but its still same. Strange. Funny thing that my friend is using same method everything exactly same, but he dont get any bans. It feels like im on osrs list and they are following me lol
  4. If anyone will help me fix this I promise to pay 500$ for this. I was botting on PC for like 6 months and never got banned. After windows updates I started to get so often disabled accounts. I started botting on laptop and again no bans. Then windows somehow updated and again started getting bans on laptop. I just get all accs ready to bot, start bot and right after some mins getting banned. Im using proxy. 1ip - 1acc. Ip are not flagged and im sure about it.
  5. If anyone will help me fix this I promise to pay 500$ for this. I was botting on PC for like 6 months and never got banned. After windows updates I started to get so often disabled accounts. I started botting on laptop and again no bans. Then windows somehow updated and again started getting bans on laptop. Wtf?
  6. Working bad, I set 10 accs to bot, 1 ip for each and 7 accs got suspect stolen account. They were create by me. I was using Cow Master before for half year and never got suspect stolen or banned. I dont know why I keep getting suspect stolen with that script...
  7. It was very long time in scripts and it wasnt something very special, for me worked fine and never got banned. My friend was using it and was getting banned sometimes anyway. So no idea whats up
  8. Because in the past half year, I never got banned with that script no matter what. And it was simple and working smooth. Premium script often gives Suspect stolen account or banned accs.
  9. I was using more than 1 year Cow master free script to kill cows. Its not working anymore and I cant even find in script page. But its still showing in tribot where all scripts are.
  10. Can someone explain why the fuck cow master script is gone?
  11. I always do it. Still getting freezed in tribot. I dont know why, but today seems like its not getting freezed anymore, but whenever I open 2 bots to do quests, one of them get frozen. I have no idea... And its really annoying, wasting so much time botting 1 by 1.
  12. What is this exactly? You mean screen size in game?
  13. I dont know why, I open only 1 account with LG and right 2-3min after bot working, tribot freezing. Nothing cant be done,except restart both clients. I tried to dont minimize, but still doing something and freeze. When I move up osbuddy client, character is just standing and not working anymore. My pc is strong, so its not because of that. As I see it stuck after its written in left corner Loading...Please wait and after this cant do anything anymore.
  14. I dont get exactly after tutorial island. First I go buy things from GE, get ready account then I used dwalker just to walk to other place and on they I got disabled.
  15. Dude... Its not proxy. Im botting everyday with looking glass and I never get banned. I tried again to use after some time normal client - instant ban.
  16. I get banned like 10-15min after tutorial island. I dont even use some serious scripts. I used some just to walk from place to place and account is disabled already. Im sure its not proxy. We using same provider. Its impossible for me to use bot without looking glass, but looking glass somehow want my pc to explode, its lagging as hell.
  17. I still cant figure out why all accounts getting banned so fast. If im using looking glass, I never get banned but I cannot bot because its lagging as hell. Before I was botting without looking glass 10 accs and nothing happening. Now I cant even bot 2 accs. Most of time I get banned 10min after starting script. My friend using same proxys,scripts and he is botting without getting disabled accounts. Can someone explain how its possible? I tried to delete all jagex cache and etc. Seems like nothing helps. By the way im using different IP for each account. Tried many different, so its not proxy provider as I said my friend using same.
  18. Anyone know some solution for this?
  19. Same here. Looking glass not working anymore with osbuddy.
  20. Can someone explain me how its possible to lag that much using looking glass? I mean I open only 2 bots, that means 2 osbuddy clients and 2 tribot clients and its lagging so much. I minimized osbuddy and didnt touch it again, but still. To use 1 acc it takes like 30% of CPU and my PC is really strong with i7 6900k + 1080ti, 16gb ram. Even games doesnt use that much. How its possible to fix that? Using normal tribot client I can bot 20 account, but im getting banned too often so I moved to looking glass, but its lagging as hell and I cant bot more than 3 accs. Any ideas?
  21. When im making quests with premium script with looking glass 2 accounts its freezing one of them and need to restart clients. Freezing after first 5mins. When im botting something else with 5 bots on looking glass, then everything is fine. Before this quest script wasnt freezing, now it started.
  22. I already answer that everything is same. Sometimes I get banned directly after tutorial island.
  23. Yes, as I said everything exactly same.
  24. Can someone explain me why I keep getting banned botting 10 accounts for each is different IP. Strange thing is that me and my friend we are using bot exactly same way,same amount of acc,same proxy provider. 100% everything same, but he keep getting banned max 5 acc from 50. I get 7-8-9 acc banned from 10. We both dont use looking glass, because its impossible to bot on looking glass even 3 acc, its lagging as hell. Any ideas why I get ban so often and he dont?
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