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  1. @daxmagex Script is broken, tries to hop to new unrestricted worlds, similar to issue before with tournament worlds. pls fix
  2. I am having the same problem ^ it doesn't break the bot entirely you just have to wait a while before it selects a p2p again, but sometimes it chooses f2p multiple times in a row.
  3. I believe this is only happening because of the recent Deadman worlds getting added, although with Jagex adding new worlds every other week recently, is there any way we can get a custom hopper? because the tribot hopper is broken soooooo frequently, and this script is flawless otherwise
  4. @daxmagex Hey, over the past few days I've been having problems where the bot will break trying to hop select new world "[World Switcher] Could not open world select screen", any ideas? I've tried the cache and hooks.dat already no luck, it's happening on both Mac and Windows
  5. I'll give it a go, although I don't think its bugged, it is just the hopper is unable to tell the difference between a normal world and a tournament world.
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