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  1. no matter what setting in client i use resize or not camera drags all the way down is this normal? makes it look really botlike can barely see stuff it adjustes the camera sometimes to view normal from above but not long later its back down
  2. cant seem to get progression to work, it stops after i reach first stop even tho i added more under EDIT: fixed it just had to set it up correctly with attack styles
  3. bought new version can i have refund on the auths i bought old version (in the last 10days)
  4. mabye its resizeable i changed to normal mode now but the first client is lagging might crash.. im using 1client per osbuddy LG, windows 10 64-bit. no firewall edit: crashed again its always first client, and its only this script i tried reinstalling everything aswell..like i can run ur magic script on multiple accs with no problems idk
  5. i have a problem. when i run 2 scripts the first client totally freezes and i cant do anything but shut it down in task manager... what can i do only happens with this script
  6. zemp0


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