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  1. zemp0

    BEG Poh Planks

    i think he just sold his script as private instead but would be nice to get an update
  2. zemp0

    BEG Poh Planks

    i think it just broke, cant run mahogony anymore it just logs off was working good yesterday
  3. ah nvm then it was like 12hours ago i ran the script last time, so probably before you fixed it. figured they would remove the sign asap thats why i didnt post earlier.
  4. the worldhopper warning sign makes the bot stuck when hopping idk if this is temporary from jagex but its making the script unable to hop worlds
  5. worked til today when they did some update now it says launcher to old
  6. would be really nice to have an option to select preferable worlds (my ping to US worlds is garbage)
  7. i was watching the script run and i noticed that i just crash people even tho i set to hop if other hunter is 8tiles nearby, is it just me? (this was in wildy dno if matters)
  8. is it possible to configure it to logout when someone that can attack me logs in? (just within my combat bracket no skull needed)
  9. are u gonna take this script off next month aswell?
  10. when its time to break it doesnt log out it just clicks around randomly on screen
  11. im getting this "out of item" error on eaglespeak and the golem: https://pastebin.com/MggMKSeJ
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