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  1. In regard's to you using the "Un-Safe" Path, I would just recommend using the safe route, because in the case you do die... You could lose all your profit from that night in one shot! Im gonna be lvling my combat more soon, once i do ill test the other route, only when i can babysit it tho.I did just encounter a bug also, its went 2 full loops now with my energy at 100% without toggling run on. It just turned run back on now, on the 3rd loop
  2. Nice! Out of curiosity what path are you using: safe or unsafe? Safe, since my account is mid 50's combat and 61 is recommended for the un safe, you think it's too risky for me to try? it's funny also, this script runs better then the premium nat script i purchased lol
  3. Awesome script, been running it for 2 hours now without a problem on your newest version.