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  1. Hey Einstein, I'm trying to use the mule support with your script. I went ahead and downloaded the mule script, ran my suicider bot and filled out the GUI, went ahead and activated my mule with your script and let them both run in the adequate places, the suicider never handed in the logs to the mule even after set time. What can be going wrong? is there anything more I need to do?
  2. Hey, I recently bought the script and I am really happy with the purchase. A+ script so far, congrats on the great scripting. I'm wondering if "Progressive Mode" currently supports custom areas and if so how do you set different custom areas under the same profile?
  3. Hey, new to the community and botting in general, was looking to buy some premium scripts because the free ones i'm using seem to get me banned form time to time (due to bad scripting). There's a lot of complaints recently on this one, was wondering if NewBotter ever got around to it? Cheers, Mike
  4. Cool, sound good. Thanks for the quick response @erickho123 ! Another question, every time I try and start all my clients from the client starter, (3 clients w/ 3 accounts each), only one of them starts and the rest stay in the "Loading Client Prams" or "Running Updation Process" screen and don't load. Why might this be?
  5. Hey guys, How do you know if a script has command support? I'm guessing that is for the bot to start doing a certain task without you putting it in, anyways thanks.
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