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    Figuring out how to avoid Jagex's bot detection one day at a time.

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  1. thank you. 14 hour long days of straight aAgility v2 for days at a time, no bans. only ban i received a 2 day ban was when i tried going longer than 14 hours (i bot from UTC 11am-1am in line with the time Jagex is not in the office, i got the 2-day ban during Jagex's office hours)
  2. Great first day back. 99 in a week or so.
  3. Fixed it. Haven't used TriBot in about 11 months so I forgot basic troubleshooting steps Thanks so much! Back to botting 95/99 (botted since level 26 with your script)
  4. I start the script at Ardougne (in v2) and it just says "Enabled Random Solver: SKILLXPITEM" and sits there, doing nothing. I only have a Gaming Necklace in my inventory and Marks of Grace. I also recorded 10 laps then tried to start the bot in Ardougne in v3 and it doesn't do anything either. Doesn't have the "SKILLXPITEM" error like the first example but still, it does nothing.
  5. Nope, no LG. Which is great because just using the normal TriBot client uses so much less resources so my computer isn't being killed while botting 14 hours a day lol. Auto Fisher Pro. Encoded makes amazing scripts with great antiban. Just make sure your account is vetted and has plenty of legit play because like you said, fishing is a high ban rate skill. I'm at 90 fishing and have been using Auto Fisher since like 48. And don't use any bot to get Angler outfit, get that manually.
  6. Is this true? You need to be VIP Extended for the TriBot client to utilize the human mouse data and human mouse movements? Also, I bot my main! And only my main. I use my home IP and I expect to get 99 agility in a week or so since now, at 93, it takes two days of botting (well, so far at 93 it has taken a day + two hours since I only bot 14 hours out of the day). Next, 99 fishing
  7. looking very clean and i'm loving the savable/loadable inventory profiles!
  8. Alching is another thing that makes your bot unique from the others using aAgility. If anything, it'd lower the banrate.
  9. Have I changed any other settings from the default apart from Faster-X? Are you serious? How are you not banned without changing damn near every antiban setting? You're supposed to make your own unique antiban profile with all the settings Auro offers you man, lol. I get 49k-50k/hr at Ardy rooftops. And I'm not sharing my settings cause they wouldn't be unique at that point. But go ahead and change nearly everything around. Why not utilize all the antiban settings he gives us to mess with?
  10. Bro the whole reason Ardougne is a level 90 rooftop course and the last one to unlock is because you can get the fastest agility xp, which comes out to around 50k/hr. If you're really getting 40k, you might as well do Polly or Relleka. You're doing something very wrong.
  11. Man with 40k/hr at Ardy you must have had one of the AFK mode options enabled plus your ABC had to have been below Faster-1 for sure.
  12. @Aropupu you should make a Discord for your scripts man. They're so popular that I think the Discord would get quite populated and would be utilized as a place for users of your scripts to share info and what not. Would be cool! Just my two cents
  13. I wish we could fix the whole accidentally clicking on minimap thing. I wonder if Jagex is looking at that and finding it suspicious. However, I suppose they'd only see that you're doing that if you're already being investigated for a good old Bot Busting. Meh. Doesn't seem to be a problem now though! My account is moving along fine, no ban at all.
  14. That's what I'm saying! Just got to 90 today on main and I'm running it everyday for 14 hours until I get 99. Next, since you say the mining script is awesome, I'll go for 99 mining! Love this man and his antiban cause once you get it right, you're unstoppable as long as you stay away from those pesky bot busters lmao
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