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  1. In your opinion have the ban rates changed at all within the past 6 months? With LG, or even without. (Never have much luck without)
  2. A small chin fix would be great.
  3. UncleHard

    daxChins [9/21/2014]

    Amazing script, does not utilize reset feature not sure if it was never added in is missing or broken.
  4. UncleHard

    I'm Back

    Making more money now, having shit luck with the competition considering just paying more to get better results. How are the tribot ban rates and looking glass ban rates looking now adays?
  5. ban rates are up, and so are the prices for this bot lol
  6. UncleHard

    Why I left.

    Also Zulrah isn't what i'm mainly talking about, i shouldn't have to pay monthly fee's for skill training scripts there is over 20 skills a monthly fee for each? with limited instances that's ridiculous. I would avoid this bot for anything but zulrah if i found that paying 5X more still gave me more profit in the end assuming your claims of your script being superior are true.
  7. UncleHard

    Why I left.

    Or I can spend 25 elsewhere get unlimited instances make way more money and spend way less money lol. No competition which is why this isn’t the top bot, it could be but you want crazy amounts could honestly buy a private script at that range.
  8. Yup, ANYWHERE ELSE you only gotta pay monthly for scripts that make alot of rsgp the amount doesn't double per instance you get unlimited, scripts to train are lifetime, and get BETTER support, have MORE features. The only thing this bot did that made it worth it was not get you banned as fast but now it does so to hell with that. I bought everything ONCE, and never have to pay a penny again to train my accs. When im ready to make money ill buy a money maker and for that 10 or 20 i get unlimited instances, i also get unlimited instances on my training scrips. The ridiculous rates here are why so many good people and scripters leave. This is the ONLY BOT charging ridiculous amounts, and the only bot that is STINGY AS SHIT, with the instances, yet it offers NOTHING special.
  9. UncleHard

    Why I left.

    You can pay $25 and get unlimited instances elsewhere lol, scripts just as good.
  10. UncleHard

    Why I left.

    This was honestly an amazing bot at first. But now its getting hit with them bans, and hard. Its just not worth the insane monthly fee's, premium combat and magic is $10 vip plus is $8, crafting like $5, Einsteins woodcutter to avoid bans $5, Quests another $5 and this bot greatly lacks a good quester that does 30+ quests, premium fishing another $5 a month, every damn skill just adds to the monthly fee, most free scripts are trash, prayer was $5 too until jamie made the free prayer script, and heres what really smacks the fee in the face, the fucking instances seriously? so if i wanna zulrah on 5 accounts you're telling me i gotta spend over $100 a month? like bitch is 25 a month not enough?? what do you have an 100% no ban guarantee? you better for what your charging... plus all those other fee's? you're raping the living shit out of the profit. This bot is great for training a main with the little human mouse movements and shit but if you're looking to make any real money steer clear. I should be able to spend $70 once have permanent scripts to train all my skills no monthly fee's with no damn instance limits, and i should only have to pay one $25 fee for zulrah on as many accs as i want. That's a good $100 per person plus a stable monthly income per farmer.
  11. Lol alot of the free scripts on here are garbage, this bot is pay to play, and its gonna run you a good 60+ a month if u wanna train alot of skills.
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