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  1. Paying through bitcoin .23/m , price is firm leave skype below
  2. whats your skype ?

  3. Paying through paypal/bitcoin Paying .23/m , price is firm leave skype below
  4. Hey I have a question, if i create accounts on my main flagged ip through browser than proxies wont help me in game ?
  5. no , jagex replied that the original owner trolls too much
  6. Don't be so needy , never did i mention that i want to date you
  7. pm me the price or post here people who posts "add skype blabla" will be ignored runes will be provided T&C 1.This should be done legit on official runescape client or browser 1.My account hasn't been botted on atleast 2.5+ years so if any bans/mutes , it's on you 2.People with low feedback & no service experience please stay away
  8. fapped twice
  9. talking on skype regarding 07 - eoc swap
  10. still need this
  11. skype - live:epicbottt
  12. swapped my 11m 07 , i went first
  13. have 10m now
  14. skype - live:epicbottt dont post or add me on skype with lower rates