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  1. whats your skype ?

  2. darkdragon

    daxFighter AIO [4/7/15]

    Says out of food and logs out i have 1 shrimp in inventory
  3. darkdragon

    Who actually uses RS3?

    Got maxed main except div (89 right now ) so not going to bot on it
  4. Hey, what ~breaks your using to prevent bans.. ? I fished long time ago so i dont know how jagex is detecting bots nowadays ?
  5. So i could do this without membership.. ? Or does it reduces chances of being banned ?
  6. I have a question, which locations in member world is best to lvl up to sharks and then fish sharks these days ? Thanks.
  7. Everything working fine except the paint
  8. darkdragon

    ABCL10 - Tri Edgeville Man Fighter [130k+/HR]

    Was working great when i checked on the 13th hour It kept banking the boxes. Is it possible to add a failsafe ?
  9. Will there be magic support ? Can't train magic with this since it banks the runes @Tri
  10. darkdragon

    What are the ban rates for premium and free scripts.

    Use breaks and dont bot 24/7
  11. darkdragon

    Assume staker????

    never increase prayer
  12. The bot cannot open the door in al-kharid furnace room @AlphaDog
  13. Can u add buy 5 items method ? I am trying to buy 5 bagged plants from 1 world but it spams on 10 like crazy @erickho123