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  1. This is completely inaccurate and shows your lack of knowledge on how to bot. You should think before you write such nonsense.
  2. I very much love the QUALITY of Tribot's stuff. Nice Website layout, decent repository, the main thing though lacking compared to competitors is QUANTITY also. There's limited amounts of scripts (1 premium cooker, 1 tithe farmer, 1 firemaker, 1 herblore script, 1 hunter script, etc). I think it would be much worth the investment from the Tribot team @TRiLeZ @Usa to invest in paying scripters (on site currently or commissioning new ones to join Tribot) to expand the premium script repository, to provide more options in ways users can bot, reduce the current monopoly certain scripters have, and overall I think this would be a good money making venture for Tribot, as i'm only suggesting investing in PREMIUM scripts, not more free ones. I don't want to name names, but I will cause the bots suck, OSBot has plenty of scripts, but their client is shit, RSPeer has plenty of scripts but kinda limited in what can be done and not the nicest layout. Tribot is by far the best quality over all, just very much lacks in quantity in my opinion. I hope adding quantity wouldn't sacrifice the amazing quality that is the current scripts, but regardless, I think this is the current big crutch of Tribot. Not the client, not the api, not the features, just lack of premium script quantity.
  3. Shout out to @Aropupu for maintaining this script for so long, putting so much effort into keeping the quality up. Honestly, not the most COMPLEX script on Tribot, but definitely the BEST and most CONFIGURABLE. 10/10 scripter highly recommend Aropupu's scripts and aagility to anyone i've gotten 1b+ agility xp with it on my bots
  4. *dusts off bot farm* *buys 12 auths* *buys 8 proxies* I'm back boys.
  5. 1. This is the wrong section 2. Refund for a script? The bot? ??? 3. You're not going to get a refund, because this issue is your own stupidity, nothing that Tribot has done wrong. Figure out how to use a computer.
  6. All accounts I try (even from scratch) are experiencing the issue running to/from the boat after they get to karamja, and running to/from the pay-fare cart guy when starting sea slug. Please fix this and extend my script by a day or so to compensate. I bought two licenses for this script and it is not functioning as expected so I expect my time to be extended..
  7. Getting stuck trying to "pay-fare" on the cart guy in karamja when it's trying to start sea slug. please investigate asap.
  8. Upon coming home from work it was working, It was a Tribot-sided but not script-sided. Thank you for looking into it though. Odd as there wasn't a Runescape update that day.
  9. As of this morning it would not build the Oak Larder I set it to that was working as of yesterday, I deleted the preset, tried re-creating it, it would not be re-created. Did it the same way I did it the first time. I think there may be a bug right now surrounding that, would you please investigate?
  10. Thank you. Adding that feature is extremely appreciated and I will continue to purchase your script due to you caring about what the customer likes.
  11. Mine uses the mouse too. The previous user was correct. It should be using the number key as it's much more efficient. You should add a toggle for that in the settings or make it default use numbers for everyone.
  12. Hey could you check and test splashing? It seems to be having issues still with the retaliating after it loses agro after 20 min
  13. Hey so it seems mostly fixed, but not completely? Just checked on the bot, and it was idling not attacking, but over the night it was working, so I think shortly after it loses agro the bot takes a while to get it back, can it be made so decently-promptly after agro is lost, the bot re-gains it?
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