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  1. Got 2 datasets, wish to create a graph based on these two data sets. Will pay 25m 07 if someone can do it for me.
  2. Did you get the coal bag yourself for Blast Furnace? Or did you just do gold ore/without coal bag?
  3. Bassie

    AFK fire striking

    Okay.. your point being?
  4. Bassie

    AFK fire striking

    So you're saying an autoclicker would be a simple fix?
  5. Bassie

    AFK fire striking

    Just got back to RS and saw they patched afk fire striking. Is it still possible to afk fire strike with an autoclicker doing things in your interface or something, go to pvp worlds or even something else? Or is it completely patched?
  6. How many accounts do you need unbanned: 1 Have you added me on skype: Yes What payment method will you be using [Paypal,RS07GP]: "Willing to give out vouch copies to the first two trusted members that post!" If this actually works though I'd be willing to pay the regular fee. Do you accept the T.O.S. : Sure.
  7. If you wanna be a cheapskate (like me), don't use shortbows with arrows. Use a dorgeshuun crossbow with bone bolts. You can wear a shield, it's cheaper and it's better xp.
  8. Way too high commission for your reputation. Anyone wanna bet me? We'll find a legit middleman without such a high fee :')
  9. Tri's. However do know currently you'll get banned EASILY. So if you bot, there's a very good chance you get banned.
  10. Bassie

    Ever been lured?

    ^ Me getting lured back in the day. Knew it was a lure and was just there to kill them / take their d hallys. But yeah.. Jagex basically fucked my with shitty coding. Had a lot of money back then so I truly couldn't care less.
  11. I can't use overloads, because I'm too low hp. Not because I'm truly too low hp, but because the bot will kill me. I'm 51 hp, and while the overload starts to kick in the bot continues to eat the rock cake. This causes the player to take more than 50 damage, even though you could've simply just left it at the overload. Could you either fix the prayer flicking or the overload suiciding? Either fixes would help low level players.
  12. @erickho123 So I just discovered a 'bug': Verison number (Printed in client debug): 1.679 Combat / Selling Mode?: Combat Description of the bug: Bot will stop flickering Rapid Heal if it gains a hp level. Even though you gain a hp, you should not stop flickering rapid heal, because you'll still want to stay as low hp as possible. If your setup includes quite a lot of absorb potions you'll eventually end up drinking more potions than doing damage in the end till you're out of absorbs. Additional information: Thought pictures and all would not be needed, since it's not really a bug. It's more of a lack of code. Small question as well: does this support dh/guthans repairing? If not, am I correct to assume you can only last max 10 hours?
  13. I have actually been doing this with many accounts using an auto clicker. I have received 0 bans as of yet. I have written my own script that does support this as well, but since I cba to add banking, etc. and I just wanna be able to afk for more than 6 hours I bought this one. You could even add a message that it does increase the ban chance drastically if you so desire. Either way, your call ofcourse.
  14. Hey Erickho, I bought your script just a couple minutes ago but noticed it isn't able to handle the true method of 1 hp flicking. Example video of how it's done: This bot only supports flicking the rapid heal if I'm not mistaken? Could you implement this? Why just flick rapid heal when you can flick your quick prayer with a whole lot more perks.
  15. You'll not get any help with that post. Also, you don't want it reverted, trust me..
  16. Bassie

    Feb 2/27/2015

    Source? Seems like some made up bullshit, rofl.
  17. Bassie

    Feb 2/27/2015

    Wtf you even on about? A perm ban is a perm ban, you're not getting an unban?
  18. Got a couple of questions, hope someone could help me with this: - Can you use this if you have VIP extended without having to do the stupid 20 mouse thingy's? - Is it actually worth it? Does it help? edit: Okay so I just read that if you have VIP-e you will be able to use it without having to do the 20 thingy's. However, how much better would it be if you were to do them yourself?
  19. For some reason Jagex never really does something about autoclickers, even though they're way more detectable. Autoclicking at NMZ or alching probably won't get you banned..
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