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  1. Will this ever be updated or no? I leveled my character to 31 prayer and this script is so slow, makes 1 click every like 2-3 minutes
  2. darn, i dont think the script i have is being updated.
  3. Hi, i was wondering if theres any way I can like edit a script, to make it click something faster. So for instance when a certain object/item pops up, it clicks it faster. Anything like this?
  4. Hi, basically I was trying to level up a 1 defence pure for pking cause it looks fun, and overnight right before i finished my perfect 1 defence pure, the bot missclicked "block" attack mode, and i gained 11 defence levels -_-. Im remaking my pure, and im wondering how many hours a day can I bot him without getting banned? Just killing like cows and stuff. Thanks
  5. Hi, i was wondering how people make money with f2p fishing accounts, as it takes a while to even get to the point where you can do sword fish, and even when you get to sword fish its only like 30k an hour. Are there any decent ways for a f2p account to bot and make money? Im fine with high ban rates, as f2p will always get banned. I tried doing tele grabs on Wines of zamorak, but it does NOT work, as there is 3+ bots in every world making your gp/hr extremely low, as you can never grab a wine.
  6. Do you know where i could find an automated account creation bot? Are they on tribot
  7. omg im such an idiot. I've been verifying my accounts everytime, idk why. Wowwwww ok thanks guys
  8. What skill do you bot that can get you some gains within 2-3 hours? Also, how do you make enough gmail accounts to make bots that often? Cause you need a bunch of phone numbers...
  9. Ah I see. Well I don't see how I can make any money if my accounts get banned in a few hours, and I don't want to pay a lot of money so i can't do p2p. What is an automation tool?
  10. Hi, I had 8 accounts going and 4 got banned, where did I go wrong? I had 4 accounts which I made 2 days ago, and I got them all to combat level 10, and then I used the Auto Fisher Pro script and got them to level 40 fishing that day. I only botted for a maximum of around 2 or 3 hours that day, and I took an hour break for all of them. Then Yesterday, I botted them all at Karamja lobsters, and They botted for 8 hours with 5 hours of breaks (with randomness). I made sure to NOT bot during jagex work hours. Where did I go wrong? How can I avoid this? I know since im botting i AM going to get banned at some point, but this was very fast.
  11. This script bans people reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyy fast. Made 7 accounts, did proper measures for anti-ban, after only 2 hours of botting, i went on the next day and 4 of the bots were banned.
  12. Would you know what the lowest/lower banrate f2p money making things are? As i said, idc about making a ton of money/ hour, i just want it to be safe and for there to be a script for it
  13. Hi, i've been botting for a few days now just trying to figure out how to get some gold farming in every day, and I try to get around 1 mill every day. Currently my setup is: -I have 7 bots all doing lobster fishing, all on diff worlds, with around combat level 10, all wearing outfits with capes and party hats and h'ween masks and random stuff. Each bot gets about 30k gp/hour -I am in PST time zone, and Jagex (in the UK) is 8 hours ahead of my time. They are online from 9AM-6PM (at least this is what i've head), and so to avoid them I do not have my bots online from 1AM-10AM PST (my time zone). So my break handler is setup from 10AM-11PM, with 2 hours playtime with 15 minute randomness. The break goes for 1 and 1/2 hours, also with 15 minute break. That totals to 8 hours of playtime, and 5 hours of breaking (with randomness). -I also am planning to do 1 day per week where I don't bot at all, and I'll probably just run around with my characters for a few minutes each and do random things like a quick quest or something to make them seem more legit Is this an okay setup? Is 8 hours per day too much? is 1 break day too little, should I have 2 break days per week? Should I get them to have a higher combat level? I appreciate any input, and I thank you if you have read this
  14. Hi! i loved it, it was working good, but now when im fishing for lobsters at karamja, it keeps getting stuck at the dock just spinning the camera and not paying the dude to go back to port sarim to bank. I'd greatly appreciate a fix
  15. I have the PST time zone, so as the moment i post this it is 10:40 PM. Is that good or bad?
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