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  1. been using this on a pure. just got full graceful without ever hand leveling. Going to let it rest for 2-3 days to see if ill get hit with a ban. Ive been botting it for 4-8 hours the past 3-4 days.
  2. Ah okay thanks man. Appreciate it. Where have you been fishing? barb? I just need to get 80, currently at 76 rn. ?
  3. Just like everyone else basically. Bot a specific schedule, dont get off of that lmao. Make it seem human like and use only the HIGHLY recommended scripts. ie. Aagility, nNightmarezone etc. Also someone in this forum mentioned jagex's hours, 12-8am EST. so just bot around those hours. Also play the account too, so like quests, bird house runs, farm runs etc. in between the bot sessions. And try to not have more than 3 accounts on your home ip. Also, dont post stats lmao. Im pretty sure there are some snitches here or someone from jagex just waiting for stats to get posted. Just some of the stuff I know so far. gl m8
  4. Looks like it'll unequip when out of darts, but looks like thats the dialogue. Not sure about the ID change.
  5. Naton, do you think you could add a check in the future for blowpipes? If it’s out of scales or darts it still plays. Could it exit and stop?
  6. Wow! Good luck bud. Which fishing script are you using? I’m always afraid of Botting fishing because it’s one of the high ban rate skills. So im like manually leveling up my fishing LOL. Foreal? So regular vip won’t work? Hmmm... rip me then LOL.
  7. I dont use looking glass. I feel like it doesnt effect it that much. I feel like resizable has a bigger factor than looking glass lmao
  8. I had a feeling. What course would you recommend I do?
  9. Hows the seers course? Recommend doing it still without the diary?
  10. Damn bro, still running it basically 24/7? during jagex too?
  11. Thank you for this. I actually was curious what were their times. Is it monday-friday? or technically Monday-thurs? not sure lmao.
  12. damn nice lmao just checked your progress. 1.4b made jesus lmao. Im asumming you're farming multiple accounts? Also how often are you changing worlds?
  13. Not sure if its happening to yall, but sometimes it tries to hop to a world. Gets to the world, and tries to keep hopping to the exact same world. lol Unfortunately I cant even go a trip without this issue lmao.
  14. Fucking insane lmao. You mind pming me your settings? would love some reliable settings lmao.
  15. @Worthy Experiencing the same thing. Looks like its because the loot tracker/profit tracker? Might be NPE or something? not sure. lol. Causing the client to freeze, but still continues to bot lmao.
  16. why is it doing this? because of the new spec bar rework? https://gyazo.com/7e9a91d41eb6a7244170f0623fb16201
  17. how much ram are you using with LG? Idk why but i cant put more with it lmao. i can only max out on 1024mb
  18. wtf man yall crazy lmao. Making me wanna try this shit. Thers specific anti ban settings in it huh? yall botting all day no breaks?
  19. paypal/stripe, or i think you can pay with OSGP but you gotta get a voucher/credit through someone on this forum.
  20. hey all, was curious how long are yall running these scripts? Breaks etc?
  21. Love this. bought it yesterday, it literally makes me not think while killing zulrah LOL. do you have a dynamic sig btw for this? Would love to see how much ive made so far. EDIT: found the sig. lmao forgot to scroll down.
  22. @godspower33 Just ran into @Flax's issue with after death, goes to GE, and afks, not being able to regear. Instead it should be going up to the lumbridge bank, and re-gearing.
  23. lol highly doubt he will. but gl mate
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