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  1. @AlphaDog Have you fixed it to where it'll stop trying to click multiple bars to smith at once? I am trying to do silver ore, and it's trying to smelt both silver and bronze bars at the same time, which of course pressing bronze first, and keeps saying I don't have tin and copper ore, which I'm not trying to do bronze bars, I'm trying to do silver bars.
  2. Quest: Underground Pass Error Description: (Doesn't give a specific error) Script messes up running between cave and cave entrance, on Navigating to Step 7, climbing back up to the cave, after falling in from the ledge up top. Doesn't give an error code, just chooses to run back and forth from dwarves to the entrance, then click back into the dwarves little camp, and continues to click back and forth until manually clicking the exit back up to the 2nd level where the witch is located.
  3. Every single script I run with OSBuddy wants to just continually click the inventory button... What am I doing wrong? This only started happening about 2 weeks ago, swapped to palemoon and it doesn't happen. Tried OSBuddy again today, even though there was an update, and still get the same inventory clicking. Gives no error at all... It's not script specific, it's every script in my box... Have deleted .tribot, installed new ones, restarted twice, opened again, still doesn't fix the issue with OSBuddy inventory clicking... Will literally not do anything except click the inventory.....................
  4. @godspower33 Does this script still work anymore? Started at castle wars, ran to fairy ring, stuck on inputting the code to Canafis. Spamming in the Status: Walking to fungus, Antiban, Walking to Fungus, Antiban... Etc... Etc... Etc...
  5. Having the inventory problem also, it just wants to click over to the inventory no matter what bot I'm using. Only happens on OSBuddy, Palemoon works good. Runs scripts like normal.
  6. LG having issues again? All it wants to keep doing is click the inventory, was working fine earlier, and I guess after reset it started doing this. Deleted .tribot folders, installed new tribot file. Still just wants to click inventory. Does this for literally all the bots I try to run, whether it's premium or free scripts. @Tril3z @Todd
  7. Never actually got a error message, gave it a few days and finally did some more smithing and it wasn't doing it anymore. Was pretty weird.
  8. Scripts trying to smelt bronze and silver bars at the same time, although my settings are for steel bars in edgeville. Giving me no errors or anything, just repeatedly trying to do the bronze bars and steel bars at the same time, even though the settings are for steel bars. Have restarted to client twice, went into my tribot folder and deleted the usual, still doing it. Been using your smithing script for 8+ months first actual mess up I've had with it. Also using palemoon+LG alternative, but was just using the script perfectly yesterday, now today after work it started doing this. Will try to let it run a little longer and see if it actually gives me an error or something I can post onto this reply.
  9. Overall I like the script, the only problem I don't like while hunting green salamanders, it'll click the minimap run to the location and click the trap, then it'll click the next trap location, and then automatically start clicking it on the minimap. Seems a little sluggish to me on that part. Wish it would just click on the open area like a normal player at green salamanders, maybe something to look into?
  10. Just curious, are you trying to get your ironman banned by sharing it in your signature?
  11. Looking glass is currently broken, they haven't given an update on when to expect it up...
  12. Is there any update at all on when we can expect looking glass to be fixed?? The slightest of updates anything?
  13. First update on looking glass, man I hate to say about time, but thanks for finally updating us a little bit...
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