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  1. That's the way it was setup. It was reading 24 x Teak plank with Demon. But it just stayed at that "Repeat last task?" page. My trial is up, so I'm not sure about any changes. Just figured you would want to know.
  2. I only have the trial for this, but I am noticing that the butler bank feature for the mythical cape trophy doesn't work. It calls the butler, talks to him, then just does nothing on the "repeat task" selection menu.
  3. Hey , i would like to say this is a very good script. But I started having problems running it around 2-3 hours ago. It refuses to start up now for some reason. [21:55:47] Script Started: Einstein's Fisher. [21:55:47] Disabled all randoms. [21:56:14] Leaping sturgeon from current level to infinity. Disposal method: drop [21:56:14] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid range (Min: 10, Mean: 0, Max: 100). [21:56:14] at org.tribot.api.General.randomSD(lp:400) [21:56:14] at scripts.einsteinsfisher.g.g.t.(AnglerOutfit.java:56) [21:56:14] at scripts.einsteinsfisher.EinsteinsFisher.L(EinsteinsFisher.java:118) [21:56:14] at scripts.einsteinsfisher.EinsteinsFisher.run(EinsteinsFisher.java:87) [21:56:14] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [21:56:14] Script Ended: Einstein's Fisher.
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