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  1. What would be the best way to get an account up to the required stats to use this script?
  2. Might aswell ask here and save creating a whole thread: Say I wanted to avoid botting during jagex office hours, is there any way I could set the break system to log off at a specific time and resume at around 6pm?
  3. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your work :)
  4. I see.... Well your profile picture seems nice right about now.
  5. The TriBot client should watch for it being moved to either world 385 or 386 then hop back to its previous world/a random world Reason: the "bot worlds"(385 & 386) are monitored by jmods. Example: A bot is doing its business, chopping trees, killing green dragons and fishing then it sees that its world changes, to avoid suspicion it waits a short while then hops back to its old world, or a random world as real players often forget which world they're on.
  6. Well I guess I can't get advice more expert than that of the man himself. Thankyou
  7. I've recently installed Ubuntu on an old computer I had lying around and I'm looking to start botting. I know how I plan to change my HWID, Computers MAC address and IP address(openVPN + socks5 proxy), so the only thing I can think of that would link my botting PC to my mains PC is the fact that they will be using the same router. Can Jagex theoretically see the MAC address on my router? If so how would I remedy this situation? Thanks in advance. BlueManGroup
  8. You could try using this for advice: https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/rhel-debian-ubuntu-flush-clear-dns-cache/ I'm sorry I can't be of more help, I barely have any experience with linux.
  9. Not gonna lie, the gif of the "intent" predictions turned me on a little bit.
  10. Something to do with the DNS by the sound of it.
  11. I just used paypal and got the credits instantly. If you're not using paypal for the love of god please do.
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