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  1. I deleted hooks.dat I deleted dependancies I deleted the old settings for construction You start the script and it asks for the info, I type everything in correctly. Once you click "Search" it freezes. The entire Tribot client freezes and the only way to exit is to close it via task manager. There's nothing in the debug to gif or send you either.
  2. I am using fix mode and I'm not using LG. The first time you run it, it freezes. Once it times out and freezes you must close the Tribot program and restart a new one. At this point, it will say The maximum instances for this script have been surpassed. Once the 15 minutes is up, the script will run fine. It's only the initial setup, however sometimes it repeats itself and gets stuck. I can gif tomorrow.
  3. I have the same issue. He is referring to the Construction script. It becomes extremely laggy and unresponsive. I purchased an auth and can't use it half the time. @Worthy
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