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  1. Any new updates to this script? I'm excited to try it, but nervous since it hasn't been updated in a month. Please respond thanks
  2. What would I like to see? More development from scripters. More incentive for new and creative scripts. Maybe like a new section "Top new script of the month." and maybe whoever wins 1st place get's a gift in credits
  3. Thank you kind sir. I will let you know how my family is fairing. Although, my youngest poor timmy has a cough. not sure if he will make the cold night :c
  4. The day is thanksgiving. It's been hours since Tribot is down. The Venezuelan economy has plummeted to an even more staggering inflation. My children, all 12 of them starving looked up to me this morning with sunken eyes and shallow breaths, "Father." they asked. "Where is the gp? were hungry." "Soon." I replied. But knowing deep in my heart it may be many more nights before they can eat again. "Let us pray to our savior TriLez. Have faith young ones, he will come and fix everything soon." The night is coming as we share a piece of bread I was able to buy with my last 200k. Happy Thanksgiving
  5. ATTENTION USERS: @Assume has given up on updating this bot. I REPEAT this bot does not work and WILL PROBABLY NEVER WORK AGAIN. Don't waste your time, because assume does not care about our needs anymore. He once was highly respected as a creator but his name name and reputation has faded to nothing.
  6. Well I really wish you would fix the bot
  7. Why is that even a question? By that logic nobody would stake lmfao. when you're making 100m+ an hour a few mill in taxes don't matter.
  8. Can somebody make a new fully working staking bot? @Assume's staker has been down for god knows how long and is not being supported any further and it was the only staking bot on the repository. The demand for staking bots is HUGE. Anyone up for the challenge? @Developers
  9. It keeps saying "were out of spare bracelets!" ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? PLEASE HELP @God
  10. @Assume Currently the bot is not working. Everytime i load it, it constantly waits_For_A_Duel and does not accept. and when i do manualy accept them it automatically declines it within a second. I have min bet at 1m max at 3 and i have min chance thing set to 0 but ive tried it on diff setting and it still did not work. please fix this issue as I just baught the script and I'm extremely disapointed
  11. I honestly hope we will get an extra +5 days to our accounts. since you'll be taking 5 days to fix it and you charge per two weeks
  12. we need this pls no rush @TRiLeZ
  13. I would buy a new version of this
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