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  1. Why this script sometimes stoped on this I'm facing that problem most of time. the main weapon is Dharok's Great Axe and the spec weapon is the granite mule and the both are set to agrr foe str xp i need help for this it cant be afk any more
  2. when the script has finished the first game and attempt to be ready to the next one it freezes on right click on the rock cake and doing nothing while the script type that it has to make the HP to 51 to use the overload while the char is outside the NMZ and log out as afk any help please for that @erickho123
  3. always use right click when it combo stun alch and sometime stuck I got a ban on 2 of my accs today due to this and miss clicking so much when casting stun on the monk of zamorak it climbs up the second floor I only use this script on magic only and didn't work for me i need help
  4. any news for " login and breaker " handler issue ?
  5. and the same no any respond for any fix or announce , yesterday i used a custom breaks for one script the break is work fine for the first 2 line but i don't know what happend next the client i go run for ever without stop .. the problem still exist even with custom breaks .
  6. i didn't say that he have to build the entire client from the ground but this section " Breaking handler " the sours of the 20th days problem and didnt solved till now , and even no any data about it ... that is what im saying , or make a topic in the forums to ask the boters what the exact problem that they facing . and attemp to solve it . that is the way to solve any problem is to know the problem first ..
  7. Todd can rebuild it " breaker handler .. login handler " again ?? he is the man who build this client and he is the only one who can fix it or rebuild some of it i think it will be so easy than to hunt the problem ..
  8. i think the admins have forgot us .. i hat this < i cant use this bot for like 12 days till now . where is the admins omg " break handler and login issue " the what are you doing these days please answer us
  9. where is the client support to fix this problem " login handler , Breaker handler " it has been 8 days till now all bot have stoped and there is no fix or no announce from any admin , to tell us when this problem will fixed .
  10. is the break manager issues solved in tribot client ??
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