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  1. Went from 1 to 75 fishing botting a maximum of 3h to 6h a day. Script works like a charm for me. Great script! A variety of barbarian fishing and fishing guild (tuna/swords).
  2. And rightfully so! RWT'ing is against the rules.
  3. Can't wait to buy this after 99 fishing.
  4. L0L. Did the RoT tournament made you come up with this idea lmao?
  5. I will buy lifetime 100% sure, even if it's 8 dollar a month I would happily pay for it. This is one script I'm really looking forward to.
  6. Yes, I didn't fully understand the mechanics of Zulrah now I do. If I'm not mistaking the immunity doesn't work if you enter the Zulrah lair or does it? Sorry to be bothering you with all the questions. Ill will buy your Zulrah helper script for now.
  7. What happens if I run this script with sanfew serums? If I pre pot (5 minute anti poison immunity) before running the script every time I kill Zulrah, will that be possible?
  8. Ah fair enough, then ill buy the helper instead and learn Zulrah. Thanks.
  9. No the only thing you have to do is to make sure you heal twice with the cure me spell or sip the pot twice to get ride of the venom.
  10. Would you be able to add (super) anti poisons or the cure me spell from the Lunar Diplomacy spellbook to this script? Would be much appreciated.
  11. Hello sir, could you consider adding super anti pots/lunar diplomacy cure me spell? Greetings
  12. Can you add normal anti pots or lunar cure me spell? Still very useful for ironman.
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