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  1. Can we expect RuneLite support for LG soon?
  2. @laniax I am seeing an issue when pickpocketing Master Farmer, where the script tries and fails to obtain the price of seeds through the RSBuddy API. It gives errors like this pretty regularly: [21:58:01] [Items07]: Error while checking the price of 'Sweetcorn seed' through the RSBuddy API. We will not drop this item based on value The problem is that it performs this price check even when price-based dropping is turned off (probably to calculate the profit/hour), but sometimes the script completely pauses for 30 seconds-1 min with status "dropping" while the API request times out, even when it is set to never drop anything and bank all the time. Not sure if it is possible to make the API requests asynchronous, but maybe there needs to be a check before the "dropping" state is entered.
  3. Would also like to know this
  4. Since it broke yesterday it can't bank while pickpocketing master farmer in draynor, it clicks the one banker that is not reachable, and RS's pathing tries to go through the wall of the bank instead of around and through the entrance. Not sure if this is a problem that needs to be fixed on the bot's end or on tribot's. Edit: Update has been pushed to the client and the issue is fixed, so that answers that question.
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