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  1. kinkyyhobo

    Looking glass

    if you dont even know how to do basic shit you cant blame looking glass that u got banned hahaha
  2. kinkyyhobo

    Einstein's Fisher - Probably the best Fisher on TRiBot

    can you please add minnows
  3. kinkyyhobo

    Einstein's Fisher - Probably the best Fisher on TRiBot

    anyway you could add a way so we can choice how offen is afks so like , afk for 1min every 5 mins and do something like that , so it still takes mouse of screen but checks it more offen
  4. have to say bro this script is fucking mint , way better then the shitty paid one , using it on 3 accounts and gaining some good xp! will keep you posted
  5. could u add something so u can use a cannon?
  6. looking to get full custom hunting script! will spend good money on something thats not shit , needs to be 100% custom done , please post skype names below or discord
  7. script is a load of shit and you need to baby sit it the whole time
  8. i'm about to as well like its good for magic level got it from 20-60 in 3 hours so its good for that
  9. kinkyyhobo

    USA Dragon Killer [500k/hr+][ABCL]

    how many day did you get?
  10. ok so iv used the script a couple of times now and found somethings that are quite bad and fucking up profit! 1. after you finish killing them and the bot walks onto of loot it pauses before picking them up ! and since you only have so long before a new dragon spawns 80% of the time its getting hit cause its not moving quick! please fix this 2.this is one thing thats slowing it right down is when you level up on magic and and it takes 8-15secs before it clicks on the dragon again to attack! so your loosing 8-15secs everytime you level up! could you fix this please also could you add a payement for like 5 accounts for a month for cheaper?
  11. can i use them on more then 1 account , bought it to test it and i am liking it so far! how do i go about getting more access for 2-5 accounts?