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  1. Another vouch for Divica, this time the transaction was MUCH easier and much faster.
  2. I want to buy depending on price roughly $40-70 worth. skype is "buyinshitbruh" pm me yo skype please or add me
  3. Added you on Skype - yolo swaggins want to buy 30-40m depending on price nvm, price is too steep
  4. Amount You're Buying: 30m Method Of Payment: Whatever is easiest and most secure, PP or PA Did you Add My Skype?: Yes What is your skype name: yolo swaggins Will you leave me a feedback and a vouch? Yessir
  5. Except they have forum accounts on Sythe where USA only posted "we'll be back up shortly" about 13 hours before it was back before hack, and then nothing. They also have a Twitter account that they never update. There were plenty avenues of informing us. We're paying customers.
  6. It isn't that the forum went down, it's that they didn't give anyone any sort of information about it. And that's wrong.
  7. I ran the script for like two hours or so earlier and it actually worked just fine. Was getting like 10k exp an hour/60 herbs an hour with 30-42-1 stats.
  8. Good luck man, I'm not keen on using it as I would prefer to just use an autobuyer for feathers but I'm sure some people will definitely use it. Perhaps you could make a bot that kills those guys from A Soul's Bane? I haven't seen any bot for those and it seems unlikely that Jagex would target that area.
  9. Yes haha, I made sure to set my food to around 7 now because I kill them well before I use all 10. Could you possibly borrow code from another script that makes it run from evil chicken? Then the script would be truly flawless And maybe add options in the GUI for looting other things, like runes or coins or whatever? Thanks dude, gonna run it again tonight regardless
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