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Everything posted by Vorpallix

  1. What's the problem, I thought that's your neighbor In all honesty though, you're genuinely asking for it. You're literally harassing WYD, Threatening to swat / raid other members, and claiming to be an FBI agent. Don't come whining on the forums when you can't handle your own problems big boy.
  2. There's a reason I get so upset when I see rswalmart and Rsmalls coming into these forums.
  3. You probably voted for dragon claws.
  4. More than likely what happened.
  5. Recently I haven't been as active in the marketplace, yet I still tend to get lots of messages in regard to credit and bond sales on a daily basis. If someone had my skype tey could easily scam for a few hundred dollars.
  6. Both of you can fuck off. My skype was hacked for 2 minutes and no TRiBot deals went down.
  7. Made a quick thread yesterday in regards to this, but I'm going to be explaining a bit more exactly what happened. Last night my skype got jacked, along with my main gmail. I got logged out of my skype and could not log in. I recovered my skype within two minutes and went through my recent messages. I admin a Runescape Panel, so that's what they were after. Their first order of business was messaging the panel owner asking for a to the "phpmyadmin" Luckily no damage was done as I recovered in time. The good news is that nothing has happened to my TRiBot account. I do have lots of TRiBot users added on skype though, so I figure it's important to put this out there. I'm working on securing everythin as of right now, just be aware. Thanks!
  8. My skype has been compromised. They're after bigger things than my tribot account, but I'm warning you all anyway. Someone slap me with a TWC
  9. My skype has been compromised. They're after bigger things than my tribot account, but I'm warning you all anyway. Someone slap me with a TWC
  10. Yeah divicaben is also divica.
  11. "It doesn't matter about your reputation as long as you're making money. Take a look at the game you're playing, just take a step back from the screen and look at it. There should be no pride, there should be no respect, it's just money." I have a very different outlook on things than you do I suppose. I align myself with people who are going to have my back and will set me up for success. I have a tight knit group of internet friends, and our only goal is to get money. Nothing more to it, nothing less. For the most part everyone on this forum is irrelevant to me unless they're helping me get rich.
  12. Ouch. I have a better botted account after 2 weeks and I have 120 quest points. We can't all be botting gods I suppose.
  13. WYD has a good heart, and is a good person. It just takes a little time to get to know the guy.
  14. Where did you get all of these items? Skype: vorp.tb We can talk further on there.
  15. Welcome back. If you're in need of an HQ signature like mine, I'm just a private message away
  16. Those people do it on their own accounts, and usually do it multiple times, meaning they can't do it first try. It can take upwards of 10 attempts at these kinds of levels. Meaning it will cost you so much money if you can even find someone who is able to do this.
  17. Lizard Squad on ya' forehead
  18. Assuming you are willing to go OVER 10 combat, just do waterfall. Personally I can do it in around 10 minutes without a quest guide... But if you need 10 attack exactly get 5 str then 5 attack, and then the rest strength at chickens all while burying the chickens bones. Should do the trick.
  19. May need to use this... Add my skype: Vorp.tb
  20. You aren't responsible for any bans.... Lmfao ok glws
  21. Lol I bet your memory failed you. Accounts don't just get "reset"
  22. Vorpallix

    I got banned

    You probably botted yesterday after jagex updates. Never bot after updates. Botting 101 That being said very sad rip in pieces
  23. Don't listen to him, he knows nothing. I'd say yea, but don't cry to us if you get banned.
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