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Vorpallix last won the day on October 3 2014

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    Hi I'm Davis

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  1. I do u FeedBack soon for that 200m i sell u I'm not at home atm Sorry I make it up to u I can promise that :-)

  2. Vorpallix

    Tired of WYD and/or other users?

    WYD has a good heart, and is a good person. It just takes a little time to get to know the guy.
  3. Vorpallix

    What VPN's Are You Using?

    I don't think a VPN is what you're looking for but if it is find some off of HF. Personally I use Cryptic VPN and ra4w VPN.
  4. Vorpallix

    I just been hacked :)

    Free 3M to vote yes for claws!
  5. Vorpallix

    Mule Perm Banned

    Jagex does this to known "Mule" accounts involved in shady activity. I've lost over 750 USD from mule bans this summer. Their favorite one is to perma ban my mule for using garyshood autotalker, and call it a "Macroing Major" ban. Fuck em' man, fuck em'.
  6. Vorpallix

    Banned. 100m+ 2 99's q.q

    If it makes you feel better about your life, I've lost 350M 07 / 600M EOC to bans this summer alone.
  7. Vorpallix

    Best script to get permed?

    inb4 hacked acc and is threatening perm ban if on bank pin u r terrible
  8. Vorpallix

    What should I do with this account?

    Staking obviously. Baseed on those stats I don't see you having any quests done... and those stats you currently have can be easily botted. That being said it's a pretty bad account, so I can only really see you getting it staking stats and joining in with the other 900 assholes at the arena.
  9. Vorpallix

    Runescape won't let me log in.

    LizardSquad, at it again.
  10. Vorpallix

    Jmods are bullying me Wahhh Wahhh XD

    Report them to ic3.gov for cyberbullying.
  11. Isn't one lifetime, and one monthly?
  12. Vorpallix

    Mute's Slayer script

    What a good guy.
  13. Vorpallix

    Pyramid Plunder

    Arckos you legend. I'll use this when i get my main back for sure!
  14. This would be a question to put on the scripter's thread.
  15. Vorpallix

    Taking requests for FREE scripts

    I think you need to make a script that gives out Admin of the year award. I think the code for it would be { if.ModOfYear > YoHoJo > Mute = USA; give.Award = USA USA = MOD OF THE YEAR AWARD;}DID I DO IT RIGHT