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  1. WYD, just hang in there. If you need anything you know I'm just a skype message away (:
  2. You probably voted for dragon claws.
  3. Well, you're Canadian. People in Canada don't have emotions, that's an established fact, and they also do not have any form of intelligence. So now that we got rid of those barriers you have three girls. One who is DTF. One who is kind of DTF, and one who will take a lot of work to get with. I think you can put the pieces together from here.
  4. Boys, boys. Let's keep it friendly here.
  5. Or you can quit being a pussy and handle your issue with me. You're not harming me in any way by dropping WYDs information. Do what you will, all you've done is motivated me to continue what I started yesterday.
  6. What kind of stupid fucking question is this? Of course you don't die in real life dummy. Do you die in real life when you die in Runescape? No. So why would Canada be any different?
  7. You've done enough to WYD. I'll continue to leak what I want. This is only the beginning. Address / home phone / parents phone numbers will be added soon. Have fun!
  8. Fuck messaging your family, I'll just get your fatass mom, Nicola, fired from her job.
  9. Exactly my thoughts. Not arguing that WYD is a model forum user, but your dedication to fucking with WYD is ridiculous, DeadlyLazy. You're just making yourself seem like a cunt.
  10. Mammoth, I like you a lot. WYD, you hold a special place in my heart. You two are great TRiBot users, who undoubtedly will go down in TRiBot history, but at the end of the day there has to be a winner. Now, I'll do my best to explain this as simply as I can. At first glance, Mammothowl1010 has a lot more offences, but then you have to take into consideration the fact that WYD is new to this, and that he has some more sever punishments. At the end of the day, I'd say WYD is no doubt the winner. You both gave it your all, but WYD has you beat man!
  11. More than likely what happened.
  12. What sites I associate myself with outside of TRiBot is irrelevant to the topic at hand. And skypes get hacked, it's too easy to jack a Skype. Not that ironic. It would be ironic if I got phished. The concept of social engineering skype or a recovery and phishing someone are two totally different things therefore no irony is present. Why even bring that up in this post though?
  13. Recently I haven't been as active in the marketplace, yet I still tend to get lots of messages in regard to credit and bond sales on a daily basis. If someone had my skype tey could easily scam for a few hundred dollars.
  14. Both of you can fuck off. My skype was hacked for 2 minutes and no TRiBot deals went down.
  15. You tell me on Skype that WYD isn't worth your time and that he's more trouble than he's worth. You tell him he doesn't have a life etc. but then you make a TRiBot account DEDICATED to shit talking him. Make up your mind, if you don't like him, then ignore him. All you do is fuel the fire by spouting your hate towards him, regardless of if he's in the wrong or not.