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  1. 284m for powermining and 126 for MLM. hmu via discord if you need it.
  2. Ok well hopefully all your spamming get's you banned. I don't even know you guy.
  3. I have no idea what you just said but ok guy.
  4. I might be new to tribot but I'm not new on other forums. Donor + Sponsor on one of them and $2k+ donor on the other and @YoHoJo can verify that as well while he's adding the infractions for spamming to your account. https://www.sythe.org/members/sticktalk.880270/ Believe me your lousy 22m is not worth my time.
  5. The first time he did it someone removed it after I reported it. He did it again on the same thread been there for about a week now. Then I posted a new thread for League Boosting and few hours later he does it again so basically just post it on every one of my threads.
  6. Nope not that I know of I don't even know who he is. He has not left any negative feedback so I cannot dispute it he just keeps spamming every post I make.
  7. So this same guy is spamming my post week after week saying "scammer". I've reported him multiple times throughout the week and no moderators are helping with the reports. Are there any moderators on this forum or does it literally take a week or so to respond to post reports?
  8. Can do it for ya hmu on discord StickTalk#8132
  9. Have them both on a different ip id assume.
  10. I have an account shop on sythe also $2100 donor can pm you my shop if you want to take a look I have some pretty decent accounts as well as some in the making @xanchapo
  11. Went ahead and sent you an add on discord.
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