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  1. had to try it further, and got my account banned. waste of time and money
  2. I restarted Tribot and that seems to has fixed my issues with droping the ores, but still is having issues coming back from the bank and wanting to stand on top of the gully.
  3. I believe I've found part of a problem, I was running the Script in Al Khalid and i don't believe the Script understands there are hills so you cannot stand on the west or east side of the gully and hit the rocks. When you do the character will run away and try to go around but the program will make them go back to the spot on top of the Gully and try hitting the rock again. endlessly running.
  4. same bot will not drop ore at all, just tries to walk around or keep clicking inventory bag. tried all options shift drop/mouse drop/ anti-ban drop/ banking. added hours and level req no change. what could be happening?
  5. For TRiBot to provide you only two hours of service before forcing you to acquire VIP status to continue use is ridiculous, Botting is a high risk business. How is someone new to botting suppose to trust your product if they can not have a solid test to determine the service. Rsos Bot detection is not that fast to notice an account, 8+ hours is needed for solid test bench for you to warm up the account and see if there are any kinks in the "Anti-ban_ software" and to see if what they claim is actually true or not. Honestly from what i was able to test in the Two hours i was blown away by the amazing software, but i simply cannot justify the purchase and use of a program I'm not aloud to fully test. botting is already a VERY Niche community and service, there is few data and users to reference from to decide your choice of service from. With that being you must test and gather your data yourself and simply two hours is not sufficient. I HIGHLY suggest adjusting your testing time and allow users to find if this is the product they would like to use.
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