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  1. ichildishhhh

    Do you remember when botting 07 was easy?

    i must just be lucky ive had the same 12 accounts going for over 3 months with 0 bans. Seems easy enough to me, maybe you are just trying to run them to long or your ip address is flagged
  2. ichildishhhh

    Good site for accounts?

    Ive used playerauctions in the past and havent had any issues.
  3. ichildishhhh

    can we openly discuss RS3.

    Quit rs3 1 year ago and never looked back. Terrible what they've done to that game. They must be making a killing off of the Solomons store.
  4. ichildishhhh


    Have you guys played it? Is it any good? Ive been thinking about buying it as i need something to play while botting haha. What are your guy's favorite ps4 games currently? (other than Fagnite)
  5. ichildishhhh

    [FREE] [ABC2] [MOTHERLODE] [BETA] Fully Loded

    using will post proggy
  6. ichildishhhh

    GThieving AIO [Open source][REWRITTEN 10.2017][ABC2]

    Gui window pops up but wont load just stays white. Really was looking forward to using this script.