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  1. Orygun

    Cant login

    Yes, it seems to be working for me now, Thank you!
  2. Orygun

    Cant login

    Its okay, hopfully it get resolved soon though :/
  3. Orygun

    Cant login

    I just tried that a few minutes ago, still tinkering with things between the 15 minute penalties i keep getting..
  4. Orygun

    Cant login

    Kinda sketchy my dudes.
  5. Orygun

    Cant login

    I just tried to uninstall and reinstall everything, still didn't work haha
  6. Orygun

    Cant login

    Yeah, i was on right before. logged off to purchase vip and ever since i cannot log in.
  7. Orygun

    Cant login

    I'm still receiving the same message, I changed my password before the reply, tried both passwords and nothings changed.
  8. Orygun

    Cant login

    I just purchased VIP, i go to log into the bot but, it says invalid username/password. and yes, I am using my Tribot username, not the email.
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