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  1. Tribot just doesn't work, man. It does not appear in the script launcher.
  2. Well, thanks for this fix. I got it now. Created a basic test script with a ScriptManifest and the run() method, however with little to no luck. Seeing as the compiled .class file of a Test Script doesn't even show in the Scripts, it doesn't seem very enticing to purchase VIP to continue fiddling with TriBot. Do local scripts only appear with VIP membership? Because I definitely added the script to the right directory compiled to a .class file as the tutorials state: https://gyazo.com/da8b7900d3e4cfc94450264ae554e35b Any help? or do I simply need to purchase VIP first to even view scripts in the repository? Thanks.
  3. I am still not able to import any of the Script packages or even write a basic script. My only two import command line options are "import org.tribot.*;" and "import org.tribot.loader"; I've added the JAR loader file to the configured java library build path, yet I still cannot access any of its API. Could you possibly link the best tutorial for scripting setup?
  4. Hi, I've been looking through the tutorials for Scripting help, and it seems that every one of them is outdated. Considering Tribot's new cross-platform launcher update, has anything changed regarding this? Would anyone be able to guide me in the right direction? I can't even find the Scripts folder or the JAR library to add to Eclipse IDE, so I wouldn't be able to write any Scripts or even test the Tribot API. I need some guidance, please. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I've just returned to TriBot after quite some time away. I haven't purchased VIP or any Scripts in a while. I have recently attempted to even launch the client without any success so far. Is TriBot down for some users? I've tried launching any other .jar file and they are opening just fine. I checked task manager and the client simply closes out within 1 second of being launched. Could it be that my network speed is too slow and that the server request gets instantly denied or timed out because of this? Looking for any solutions or feedback from anybody else possibly having the same problem. Thanks!
  6. I've purchased VIP nearly a month ago, and this is my review of Tribot. First impression is that there is a major lack of scripts in the script repository and also a major lack of ACB anti-ban implementations in most scripts. The cost for most scripts is also absolutely ridiculous considering Jagex's banrates, the cost of bonds, the cost of VPNs/ Proxys, and other financial variables posed throughout the process of RWT bot-farming. Tribot is the only bot platform I've seen that allows developers to require users to pay for instance counts of scripts that may or may not even properly work or implement any anti-ban implementation. This is basically throwing your money away considering Jagex is super strict on banning in 2018. (I can't find any script on TriBot that doesn't get me banned in under 3 days. Every account I've botted with Tribot, following all safety precautions with using fresh Proxies and masking account creation address, has been permanently disabled almost immediately). I see absolutely no RWT-profit incentive by using TriBot. It's just impossible to make money with it. Lack of anti-ban features. Now TriBot definitely seems to have the most features I've seen from a bot client, however most of them are unnecessary and will still get you banned. The ACB anti-ban implementation has sorta humanlike mouse movements and wait intervals that may be just as easily detectable by Jagex as traditional bot client mouse inputs. It doesn't even implement pre-emptive mouse movements or random humanlike mouse movements inbetween actions or when simulating afk events. If anything the "anti-ban" mouse movements is nothing but mere pre-recorded mouse movements being randomly selected for any and every mouse movement. I've yet to see any truely amazing feature that allows for anti-ban. Major client bugs and crashes. Tribot, among all other clients I've used, has had the most random inconveniences, crashes, bugs, etc. Before I stopped using the client, about 1-2 weeks ago, every single client I launched would crash about 80% of the time after being launched. All this would take is simply resizing the client at any point and then the client would be stuck in that location on the desktop and not allow any further resizing. This is a major obvious issue for anybody who is using more than 1 bot client at a time, or for anyone who wants to simply move the client without it crashing (Lol). This would happen basically every time I launched a client and setup a bot account, forcing me to restart the client only to have the bug happen again. Another major bug I've noticed is that when you click on the Client tab, a new client would sometimes randomly launch up within the same bot client which can majorly slow down the client and sometimes crash it if there are too many bot clients loaded. This one is pretty inconvenient, but occurred much less frequently. Another major bug is the runescape client location calibration. Sometimes when you resized a client the location of the game client would be panned far to the right, forcing the user to either exit the client or only be able to send input to the game when the client was maximized. This is very inconvenient, but has the easiest workaround. Local Scripts issue. After following tutorials and making sure every basic instruction was followed, it was still not possible for me to add Local Scripts. I wanted to do this so I could design my own complex scripts with more anti-ban implementations that would allow me to bot for longer without ban. This was and still is impossible, despite following all instructions. This amazes me since it is so much easier and bug-free to add local scripts to other bot client repositories. This is a major issue for me in determining whether TriBot is worth it. All in all, I'd have to say TriBot is a bad botting client. Not only is there a lack of scripts, major client issues, lack of local script customization, but the prices for VIP and all of the debatably useless scripts are ridiculous. I will not be using this bot client at all in the future and would prefer to have a refund, despite the owner's refund policy being "All sales final". I wonder why that is? Maybe because he knows his bot client under performs while being overpriced and expects a lot of refunds? This is a bad botting client. If I were to ever return to runescape, I will most definitely be trying OsBot or RuneMate. Thanks
  7. I export the code from eclipse in to .jar format, extract the data in to .class files, then add it to the local scripts repository. What else am I supposed to be doing?
  8. Hi, I've tried all the tutorials and have ensured that I am exporting my .jar file, then converting them to .class files, then adding them to the proper scripts directory. I'm also using the script manifest and changed my settings to only load local scripts. However, I cannot run or even see any local script in my tribot directory. What could I possibly be doing wrong?
  9. After doing a bit of testing, the script works excellently. HOWEVER, it will only work if you start the script while already logged in. Also, the anti-ban feature doesn't appear to do anything, in fact I've had 100% success rate without it. This script is excellent and is worth the 1$. All quests work with 100% success rate, and the tutorial isle script works successfully under the right condition as well. This script will have you off tutorial isle with 7 quest points within 25 minutes. Worth. Thank you very much.
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