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  1. it definitely is worth buying if you want to learn zulrah. didn't take long until i didn't have to use this anymore
  2. Zulrah's attack sequences now have a little more variety, since they were too predictable. edit: seems like that was bullshit, 10 kills and i haven't noticed a difference
  3. wait
  4. script worked just fine yesterday, but now it doesn't highlight anything. also grabbing items doesn't work. it just says "Open the equipment tab." in the debug. i tried deleting the whole .tribot folder
  5. Leeching is useful for bot farms. The only difference is that when leeching the only requirement is 30 smithing. If you don't leech you must have one of these skills too: Firemaking 30, Strength 30, Agility 30 or Crafting 30. Basically leeching means that you don't fix the blast furnace at all. You just put the ores in and wait until the bars are ready. Leeching does not increase your bars/hr
  6. The only requirement is like 2 gp or something like that
  7. works just fine. already got 30-76 smithing, mith bars over 25k xp an hour ty for the script
  8. Jagex has definitely stepped up their bot detecting. Did chickens for 15 minutes while i was watching and got banned lol
  9. Same here 87 runecrafting. Remember to transfer the profits to your other accounts. I'm glad i did that just yesterday Banned: Due to the high level of offences you have committed, your account has been permanently banned.
  10. the world hopping doesn't work anymore
  11. yeah this happens to me too, but very rarely
  12. How many lines does this script have? I want your scripting skills
  13. It's relatively safe. I've been botting nature runes like 15 hours a day to 86 runecrafting. Just a few days ago got banned for 2 days. I'm getting 1350 runes/hr with a shitty account and no energy pots. I really recommend this script, best script i have ever used
  14. Ran it for 280 trips, good stuff