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  1. My account got 2 day botbusting ban today, so no updates for 2 days.
  2. Try to change the (int) to (long). Worked for me. Updated the code on the original post.
  3. It's very hard to fix the walking thingy, as I can't know what locations people are using this script. I could add a starting tile where the bot walks if the character isn't on it... Thanks for the idea. Missclicks should be fixed on the next version. I'm not sure how you're using my script without VIP though. I don't like people abusing my script without supporting TRiBot, which made it possible for me to do this. Sure, if you just tell me what's broken? Sorry, I don't speak french.
  4. Booth worked for me @ Varrock West. Didn't even try banker as I don't like to use it. Also booth worked @ Al-Kharid too.
  5. Your script tried to access an index of array which doesn't exist. It's like you are trying to get into a car which doesn't exist. It makes you look dumb and you will probably stop it.
  6. Try to change the delay settings on the client. File -> Settings. It will look like it lags but it shouldn't affect the speed of bot, only CPU usage.
  7. Thanks! Awesome to get positive feedback from such a high-ranked member
  8. I think gloves give you a nice advantage, so it's useful to get a pair.
  9. But wouldn't you need to include a .waw file with your script too? Or use a file which can be found on any computer / download it when script runs?
  10. Thanks for tip, will add it on next update in a few days.
  11. 5.62_0 fixed this issue, it uses names instead of IDs.
  12. It's only used to repeat the sound 3 times. java.awt.Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().beep(); creates 1 system beep. Thanks for verifying. Any chance you could try the motherboard buzzer thing?
  13. What do you mean? 07 works perfectly for me.