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  1. @xCode works after doing that bro, fails quite often tho not that im complaining..if you could add support for super energies or stam pots that would be awesome
  2. for autumn it gets 3 steps in then after the first straight it just stops it wont click to the next square
  3. yeah is that true, will try that now. cheers! maybe another time if i change the tiles i will have end it haha
  4. that's pretty stupid then..he owns the card. @micky1314 had the same problem with many bookmakers its an absolute joke. only solution i can think of is buy it off the market on here. buy some credit off eric below. only accepts rsgp07. best of luck mate.
  5. Will not go first unless your trusted...if you buy all ill go 2 then you give 2M then do the rest cheers