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  1. blackjacking seem to run now, not really optimised ( running much more distance and clicking all over the place to finally come back ), but it work. Tested the Den as well, keep on failing the course
  2. you should add a option to camp a spawn for specific impling. give better rate per hour then running around ( 60-70 electric per hours vs 300 ) shouldn't be to hard to script
  3. yew longbows ( U ) not working, just sit there waiting
  4. I think runescape just dont give a F anymore, auto ban just to be sure. you don't even get the 1 chance like we use to ( 1day ban at first )
  5. to be honest, whenever I did bot like a gold farmer, I would get auto ban in a day or two. I never bot more than 4-5h a day now, and no more then 1h at a time. Also, if your bot are non-member, forget it. my non member bot use to get ban the same day.
  6. bot doesnt work since the last update.
  7. Ill add you once im off work, in about 3h30
  8. Your Skype name ? Also I Will send ethereum after trade. Already got scam once
  9. Like title say, I can pay with paypal, bitcoin, or ethereum.
  10. ah dang it... I use to have a lifetime vip and alot of post on another account but cant find it anymore. oh well, sorry
  11. Im selling my 8.5 credit for 9millions osr
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