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  1. Encoded, been using this script since the start, probs dont know me, but i would love to see a mule system put into this ie when account reaches 1000 fish mule items to main account... let me know if this could be done. PS to all i have 24/7end 6 level 3 accounts to 99 with this script 2 being f2p... best fish bot ever.
  2. funny how the script gets fixed when usa says hes locking it....
  3. hey encoded not sure if you remember me! trying to get back into botting, was just gonna ask how do i get the human mouse thing to work?
  4. im sorry but your wrong, get two account at the same time and have them walk on the other account watch that account walk and look at the account that is working there will be a slight delay.
  5. @skryt101 to you when you see the botters stop on your screen, on there screen they may still be walking towards it due to connection....it wont get you banned. im pretty sure the only reason i got banned was because i didnt rendor doors open like i was told to and had it 7 hours standing outside lol...paying the price now...
  6. not sure if this matters tri but my script while running said something at the bottom that ' script stopping to many instances have been used' or something along them lines, my script hasent stopped but dunno why it happens, plus my script does log out and back in randomly ....
  7. i will download skype as i think it is needed and ocverall this script is turing out to look bloody awesome
  8. sadly i dont use skype...very sorry about that but im doing fires now and that runs really good... if i can help in anyway then please let me know, ima do fires to natures now i think.
  9. all i mean by the run is when it reaches 0 it will continuly put run on when it hits 1 energy seems bot like dpont it...but doing fires now this script is cool ps how do you charge dual rings?
  10. i mean that overall the walking and clicking is crazy, like when going to bank it could click once but keeps clicking on the map to the bank until its in there...and it clicks on the map over the wall but sometimes just follows the wall then finally clicks past it so i walk past the falador wall..