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  1. hey encoded not sure if you remember me! trying to get back into botting, was just gonna ask how do i get the human mouse thing to work?
  2. runecrafting natures help!

    umm okay il take all that into to considaration thankyou @peace379
  3. runecrafting natures help!

    hey guys, im wondering how long people bot abysall route for natures for example 10 hours a day...24/7 4 hours a day? how safe is it?
  4. State of botting + gold price

    the above is wrong about proxies dont worry about that its all a scam.
  5. im sorry but your wrong, get two account at the same time and have them walk on the other account watch that account walk and look at the account that is working there will be a slight delay.
  6. @skryt101 to you when you see the botters stop on your screen, on there screen they may still be walking towards it due to connection....it wont get you banned. im pretty sure the only reason i got banned was because i didnt rendor doors open like i was told to and had it 7 hours standing outside lol...paying the price now...
  7. Perm banned first timer

    @asdfghjk what else is good to train on?
  8. hey tri anyway you can make this script do f2p stronghold? as the bot wont run to it from varrock bank and wont open any doors if the bot is started inside the stronghold.
  9. Ban question

    all wrong seems to be any type of first ban will be a 2 day ban.
  10. not sure if this matters tri but my script while running said something at the bottom that ' script stopping to many instances have been used' or something along them lines, my script hasent stopped but dunno why it happens, plus my script does log out and back in randomly ....
  11. i got given two in one day....j mod must of been abit mad with me but you must of really pushed him to the side