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  1. cnbars

    TRiBot Release 9.211_0

    tribot client wont load
  2. cnbars

    Auto Woodcutter

    encoded can you please add player detection? Ex. when another player is visible in the minimap it logs off right away then hops world? This would be perfect for power chopping at random places
  3. my 4 merching accounts got banned, but it was a gf made over 200m
  4. can you please add dragon pickaxe support ive waited for 2 weeks now :x
  5. can you please let me know when you update with the dragon pickaxe support so i dont waste my time buying another one :x
  6. yeah i started the bot and thought it would be updated and i came to check it after 30 mins and the bot dropped my dragon pickaxe..
  7. thank you for updating IDS, but can you also update to use dragon pickaxe (11920) is the id. thanks it just logs out
  8. The new update messes up with the IDs please update
  9. Also i restarted this script and its somewhat fixed, i got into the speicifc quarry location, but for some reason the bot script goes to option menu unecssarilly before it drops granite or sandstone.
  10. The script is broken. Restarted tribot multi times, computer, re-downloaded tribot, etc. I used to be able to start script right after getting off the magic rub at the beddin camp, but no longer works. Started off at the quarry mine and the script doesnt even work and crashes right after. Please fix thank you.
  11. cnbars

    Construction Script

    Requesting a efficent construction script for oak dungeon doors with servants equipped. If private script, will pay for it.
  12. Perfect script and love all your other scripts, but needs rouge den bank!