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  1. I had a few issues with the script doing a specific task but to his credit Tri fixed the issues within 24 hours of notification. Recommended for combat at this point, haven't tried the other areas of the script but I suspect they are just as good!
  2. HI tri, quick question for you. I've only tried to bot on a few monster areas so far, the basics of the script and more essential components work well but I have had a few issues so far. The first issue is the fixed tile setting. No matter how I set my default tile, selecting that I do not want to attack monsters outside of (1-15) tiles away, it always eventually works its way attacking monsters outside my set value, Every time. The second slight gripe, is that to combat this I have resorted to using SafeSpot tile enabled instead. Now my issue with the safespot mode is that it clicks near an enemy target, but then before it gets there it clicks the safespot again and runs back too fast. Literally less than a second usually. Can you help please? Other than that, its quite good.
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