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  1. Thanks for the reply, I only have one last question. Do you know any place that sells sock5 proxies for a reasonable amount of money?
  2. Yea, you're right, probably better than brute forcing into the surrounding networks in my apartment building just to run a single bot on them lol. I'll definitely give it a go when my Azure trial runs out. Do you know what happens if one of your sock5 proxy addresses gets banned? Can you request another one or are you simply stuck with a shitty IP lol.
  3. I have been wondering for some time how the banning process works. I know that running 2 bots on the same IP will cause it to become flagged at some point. However, what about running 5 bots on 5 different devices on the same network. Would that still create a problem because they are running on the same public IP? I have a switch and have thought about assigning each bot its own VLAN network, but I don't know if that would even matter if they are still on the same public IP. Right now I have a free trial of Azure so I still have some time to think about how to move forward. I have a surplus of old computers, so if I am able to just run 1 bot on 1 computer, that would eliminate my need to buy proxies. Please let me know what you think, any input and advice would be incredibly helpful. Thank you.
  4. Completely understand but as someone who pure pks out at drags all the time I would love to have a nice supply of shields ( I die often) and realistically I highly doubt anyone would actually use this as a money making script as I doubt players buy bulk anti fire shields on a regular basis. But also i understand that its just something nice you made for the community for a bit of convinience for us so either way i appreciate having it as it is as well =)
  5. is this working and is it possible to have a custom shields per invo before banking to stop it from camping without progress?
  6. after running about 12-13 hours flawlessly the bot got stuck in the small room where you need the brass key while bank walking stayed there for about 4 hours til i got back and could just click the door to leave the room and then verything was flawless again